Friday, September 04, 2015

Hello September...

The transient season of summer in Minnesota is coming to an end, there are signs of the upcoming season of fall all over my walking path.

The break from blogging was great.
My garden and backyard yielded some amazing varieties of flowers, bumper crop of mulberries and the tomatoes are still going strong.

Cocoa Srinivas has been keeping me physically active. He is a load of fun. He is goofy, affectionate, adorable and cuddly. I love being a Beagle-mom!

The break also gave me time to think about the direction I want Rang Décor to take.
I want it to continue to be inherently Indian in terms of design aesthetics but also be global in appeal.
Rang Décor plans to add many new features which will include topics that are close to my heart.

So while it will continue to be about interiors, look forward to posts on Food & Entertaining, Vignettes on creating mindful spaces,
a weekly ‘A Cup of Chai..’ post on latest tea–related topics,
In-depth posts on artists, illustrators, painters & potters whose work I admire.
Do-It-Yourself ideas.
Interesting Flea market finds and ideas to incorporate it into our homes.
MN Home feature: Where I share glimpse of corners of our Minnesota Home.
Guest–bloggers on Rang Decor. Yes, first of it’s kind.

Last but not the least a new addition is Rang Style. A feature that will cover posts on textiles, fashion and jewelry.

So there you go. I am quite excited about the new season with Rang Décor taking on an interesting path.

Hope you will continue to join Rang Décor on its 8th year of blogging.

…and when I am not blogging, I probably am making pots in the studio or shooting photographs for my Etsy Shop.

Do check Archana Srinivas Pottery Page on Facebook
My Etsy Store Archana Srinivas Photography FineArt Photo Prints where I will be adding new listings soon!

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