Saturday, October 29, 2016

Diwali: A tribute to Terracotta | The Red Clay

Hello Hello Hello.
6 months of being away from Rang Decor!
Anyway, I thought I'd drop by and share few frames from how we have decorated our humble abode for the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi.
This year's decoration is a tribute to the Terracotta, the red clay from which the 'Diya' or the earth oil lamps are made in India.
It is also dedicated to the artisans who work with the earth. Examples of which you can see in our previous home in Bangalore.

I have tried to incorporate terracotta in all aspects of decorating.

The Kum-Kum (Vermilion) holder as the prayer room gets ready for Lakshmi Pooja this evening.

She is omnipresent! Isn't she? Floated some button Chrysanthemums in terracotta urlis.

Long time Rang Decor readers might remember the antique Chettinad door in our Bangalore home flanked by traditional terracotta niche for placing oil lamps. Well, we had got extras made then which came all the way to Minnesota. 

The space got instantly transformed as I placed oil lamps in them.

Zoomed out view of our mantelpiece.

Ah! Floating fresh flowers in earthen Urlis is a classic.

 This wonderful terracotta oil lamp was a Diwali gift from my Mother-in-law few years back.

Goddess Lakshmi match box is a DIY project :-)

We have a corner in our home where we honour the deity whom we are celebrating. So for Diwali its a Tanjore painting of the Ashtalakshmi: 8 Lakshmis with Lord Venkateshwara in the centre.

The hanging brass lamps are from Ahmedabad, India.

The blue adds a wonderful contrast to the Terracotta. So I played around with table setting ideas with the colour combination. 

Wishing all readers of Rang Decor a very Happy Diwali filled with lots of love, happiness & health!
Have a great day with family & friends! ( ...and remember the loved ones not with us today)

( Images by Arch and are copyrighted)