Sunday, February 07, 2016

Tea Coup | Ayurvedic Teaologist | Fehreen Ali

Tea, Rumi & Ayurveda.
The three words close to my heart.
Connected me to Fehreen Ali.

Fehreen likes to call herself an Ayurvedic Teaologist. She is a Tea Formulater with a formal education in Ayurvedic Medicine.

'Ayurvedic ritual and plant medicine have been a part of my life since the beginning. Born and raised in Fiji, currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I was immersed in the world of Ayurveda through food, herbs, ancestral rituals and storytelling.

I grew up in a tea drinking culture where women would blend their own spices for masala chai and men would gather around a Tanoa (ceremonial wooden bowl) to drink Kava. Both Tea and Kava were the glue that bonded people and communities together.'
~ Fehreen Ali

Fehreen's love for tea along with her formal education in Ayurveda in 2002 planted the seed for Ayurveda Inspired teas. In 2010 when she started her Ayurveda practice, she was looking at offering Ayurvedic teas for her clients for ailments and general wellbeing and noticed that there was a real gap in the Australian market. The natural thing to do was to create and blend her own Ayurvedic inspired healing teas.
Tea Coup was thus born.
Sweet Bohemia ~ Bliss

According to Fehreen, 'Ayurvedic tea is a component of the ancient Ayurvedic holistic healthcare practice, which was developed in India more than 4,500 years ago. It was created to help individuals pursue optimal health and balance in life.
Ayurvedic teas are specially designed blends that combine exotic herbs, plants, fruits and spices from around the globe.
Teas are a great way to extract medicinal value from a herb as the seeping process activates the oil which is what holds the medicinal values.'
Alkimiya Ayurvedic Purifying Blend

The blending of the teas happen in sync with the Lunar rhythms.

Fehreen believes that the cycles of the moon play a crucial part in her tea blending process. She follows the lunar calendar as she believes that this is nature’s way. 
On the crescent of the new moon, she formulates new blends and continues until the full moon night when she does the majority of her tea blending. She feels the energy during this time is very feminine as well as creative.

Tea Coup's Six Signature Blends

Fehreen's Sacred Space ~ Tea Coup hut.

Her love for Rumi is very evident in her visuals that she shares in her Instagram feed.

When I wrote to Fehreen Ali that I wanted to feature her and Tea Coup on Rang Decor as part of 'A Cup of Chai…' series a new feature related to tea, she wanted me to experience her tea blends before writing about them.

I tried out couple of her teas and loved the delicate floral, citrus notes in Sweet Bohemia and it definitely makes for a refreshing cup. 

Here is my photographic tribute to her passion for tea, ayurveda and Rumi in some of my pottery creations.

Rumi Blend

Miss Hibiscus Blend
Hope Rang Decor readers liked this new series related to tea:-)

Off to try out the Miss Hibiscus ~ C Fusion
This blend is packed with vitamin C and helps in strengthening the immune system. Loads of antioxidants to aid in balancing moods.

Very inviting especially on this lazy Sunday morning:-)

You can connect with Ayurvedic Teaologist on Instagram, Facebook or their Website

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Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Guest post for Dvara Magazine.

Over the Thanksgiving break here in the U.S. last November we visited Turkey.
Cappadocia in the Anatolia region and Istanbul or Constantinople were our destinations.

Each place incredible in it's own way. Each requiring a post to convey the natural as well as historic beauty of it's region but today I am doing a fun post about an interesting topic of Ornate Turkish Taps.
Yes, taps or faucets:-)

While shooting during our travel, I came across many intricately patterned taps. Intrigued I shot a couple of pictures and got online to do a little bit of research about these taps.

…now hop on to Dvara Magazine's blog to read the whole post as I Guest post on their blog to join them in celebrating one whole year of the magazine.

Rang Decor readers will remember the first ever giveaway with Dvara Magazine.

See you there!

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