Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Red River

I was introduced to The Red River , an organization based in North East India by Kakoli Das (one of the founders) a few weeks back and I loved their home and lifestyle products.

The Red River acts as a medium between the weavers from the North East and the markets, that will help them with sustainable income.

Have a look at some of their amazing collections of cushions~
These designs have been inspired by the weaving patterns of river bank settler community - the Misings (or the Miris)

Bright weaves and threadwork...
Stunning collection designed with re-purposed fabric swatches...
Varnasi-inspired bling embellishments on the cushions...

Here are their other very interesting home furnishings~

The dyeing, drying and weaving process at The Red River
Kakoli Das with the locals in Assam, India.

You can get in touch with them on their Facebook page The Red River or visit their website The Red River

( images from The Red River)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Peaceful corners from lovely readers...

As promised here are some pictures of various Buddha corners sent by readers of Rang Decor.
Nina Pandya's beautiful Buddha corner...
Sun-kissed Buddha corner of Pree ...
Meena Sriram's 'Three wise men..."
Shilpa's serene Buddha...

Thanks a lot for sharing the special corners of your home with Rang Decor:-)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

sweet imprints...

I recently became the owner of these beautifully crafted Sandesh moulds, that my mother found while clearing her old trunks.
Having spent most part of my childhood summer vacations in Calcutta, West Bengal where my grandparents lived for decades, my love for Bengali sweets and especially Sandesh is interwoven with my memories of days spent lazying around in the wrought-iron balcony with smooth red-oxide flooring... ( more on that later;-)
So when my mother brought these precious little pieces of terracotta moulds I was thrilled.

I just had to share these photographs with all of you.
Hope you like them.

( images by Arch)