Monday, March 11, 2013

While I patiently wait for Spring...

Yesterday we set our clock ahead by an hour.
The days are getting longer.
As I look outside my window I see a white blanket of snow which doesn't seem fluffy any more.
Tiny rivulets flow down the paths.
A gently breeze seems to take over the quiet stillness of winter.
A season in transition.
An anticipation of Spring....

Having moved to Minnesota in late July last year, we have been able to enjoy Summer, Fall and Winter.
Now as I patiently wait for Spring outside my window, few corners at home seemed to have already welcomed the season:-)

 Vintage Oleographs, fresh flowers and silverware.

A sparkly twist on the Oleographs...

 Attar perfume bottles from Old City Ahmedabad sit pretty on a vintage tile...

A floral mirror work dupatta provides the perfect background.

 Rose perfumed tea lights...

Look who just made an appearance!

Priya Sebastian's Charcoal Artwork doesn't have an orange wall backdrop but holds the same position in our study.

Wishing all of you a beautiful season of fresh flowers, soft green grass under your feet and blue blue skies!

( Images by Arch)