Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rang Decor Readers' Creative Spaces: VII

Today Anaheeta Pinto shares her beautiful home in Bangalore with reader's of Rang Decor.Teak leaves pressed on a plaster of paris wall at the entrance and then removed once dried, gives a beautiful texture and feel

says, "I love stories. I think every moment has the potential to be a story and everything we possess becomes precious if it has a story to tell. Our home is a collection of many wonderful stories that we love to recall and share." Lovely wooden stairs with her Grandmother's wooden plank on the right-side wall.
"Our home reflects our travels, our love for nature and our fascination with all things Indian, traditional, handcrafted and creative. That's the other thing: we don't care for the obvious. Deepak and I enjoy the process of discovering a new use, a new shape, a new colour - so much of what you see in the pictures is our take on looking at the obvious with different eyes, on giving something a little twist and just trying a fresh way of using an old thing...its fun!"
This lovely painting in the living room is by Bharati Prajapati.
This antique chair has been restored and upholstered by Anaheeta herself with mirrorwork cutouts and rawsilk upholstery.

Anaheeta says, " The materials we have used in our home are mostly natural: Kota, Jaisalmer, Slate, Terracotta and Wood. We enjoy juxtaposition: old and new, contemporary and traditional, texture and plain....a lot of the way this apartment looks revolves around this evolving contrast."
The painting in the dining room is by Yasala Balaiah.

"For us, our home has been an exciting journey of discovery and it continues to grow fuller with stories and memories that make it the warm, inviting and happy place it is."
The blinds in the study are Anaheeta's dupattas from college days.
"An heirloom created by us in our lifetime! This is my all time favourite piece in the house: five precious old sarees that were already in tatters, were gently stripped and rewoven into this stunning tapestry."
An original Parsi Heirloom Cupboard with Belgian Glass and Glass Painting.The Children's Room with circular wall stickers from Japan and decals by Surya Sajnani.
Anaheeta's lovely terrace garden.
Hope all of you enjoyed the lovely space shared by Anaheeta. Anaheeta thanks for sharing this lovely space with us:-)

Any questions for Anaheeta do ask in the comments section.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Flowers in the kitchen...

Flowers brighten up every corner of our homes, why should the kitchen be left out;-)Enjoy your day!