Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Creative Evolution and a Goodbye...

As I sit down to write down what might be the last blogpost of Rang Decor{ Interior Ideas predominantly Indian}, dear readers please indulge me. Come take a nostalgic trip down memory lane of the last 13 years of this space.

Do you have your steaming cup of chai ready?

When I started blogging about interior design from India in 2007, little did I know that this blog would take me on a unique creative journey of being able to share my perspective on Indian design and decor. Connect with amazing group of creatives who inspire. Get national and international recognition by being published in blogs and magazines, getting to work on some wonderful photographic and styling projects and most of all the encouragement of readers for more than a decade.

I have deepest gratitude.

Rang Decor featured real homes, the treasure trove of Indian art and crafts, my Diwali decor ideas, (which even today surprises me about how popular they are!) Travel and design stories from across India. Features on talented artists, painters, potters, photographers and entrepreneurs. Art fairs and events! I completely enjoyed sharing with you all creative corners from my home.

Over the years the blogging topography has been changing and so have I. The last six years saw me explore a new medium. Clay.

The tactile-ness of pottery. Creating functional objects from a bag of clay. The forms emerging from the spinning of the wheel. With my hands deep in clay, I realized I have finally arrived home!

Staying home due to the Coronavirus pandemic has given me the opportunity to contemplate on a lot of things in my life that I have been holding onto. My creative evolution.
I have given myself permission to change.
I have given myself permission to evolve.
I have given myself permission to let go.

Thank you Rang Decor {Interior Ideas predominantly Indian} for being my creative playground for 13 years!
Thank you to all the readers!

I continue to share my pottery work, steaming cups of chai, corners of my home and musings from my daily life on my instagram account.

Take care and Goodbye.

Archana Srinivas (Arch)