Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Les Indiennes.

Another post on block-print? Well, I am so taken by these beautiful Indian Kalamkari inspired designs by Mary Mulcahy, the one behind Les Indiennes.I am sure many of you are aware of the amazing line of products by Les Indiennes, but what I really liked is use of just one or two colours, using Kalamkari technique which traditionally uses multiple colours.
Kalamkari is an ancient Indian Art which involves dyeing of sun-bleached cotton fabrics with natural dyes and then hand-block printing with carved wooden blocks.Les Indiennes has products in various materials like fabric, paper & felt.You can view & buy their products online and get inspired by these dreamy images in their Inspirational Flip Book.
This is so soothing, so summery, so cool and so inspiring:-)
(images from Les Indiennes.com)