Saturday, January 09, 2016

Craft Boat | Handmade Paper Products | Jaipur

Paper. Stationary. Handmade.

…and you have my total attention.
Kickstarting the brand New Year 2016 with a post about handmade paper products.

Craft Boat is a Jaipur based handmade paper making and paper company. They hand make paper reusing the cotton fabric waste from the garment industry.

They further use this eco-friendly tree-free cotton product to craft wrapping paper, stationary, gift boxes, notebooks and paper bags.

A glimpse into the handmade paper making process.

Paper Makers~ A process of recycling cotton scraps to paper pulp and compress it into eco-friendly papers.

 Using traditional block print motifs to craft beautiful products.

Blue Leaf~ Stationary Gift Set

Recycled Handmade paper notebooks.

Artworks on the paper, Textures of the Fort Walls & The birds of the sky. 

'As children, making boats with paper is first of the many paper crafts that we learn; the core of 
Craft Boat sails on these paper boats for inspirations between the multiple layers of nature, people culture and traditions'

Happy New Year 2016 Rang Decor Readers!  Hope you liked the post. Stay tuned for many interesting posts coming your way this year.

You can get in touch with them on Facebook : Craft Boat  Instagram: Craft Boat

( Images by Craft Boat and are copyrighted)