Wednesday, November 09, 2011

On the Potter's Wheel: Charan Sachar

Charan Sachar is one of the talented people I met serendipitously on Facebook and so glad I discovered this talented potter.


Charan, who now lives in Seattle, has lived in India for a significant part of his life where his mother ran a boutique designing clothes for brides and bridesmaids. The colors, fabrics, embroidery and designs he came across then has had a strong impact on his work now.


He uses a combination of techniques such as wheel throwing, extrusions, slab constructions and alterations to create his forms. Each piece is then further decorated free hand with underglazes and slip to give it the textured feel of embroidered fabric. Some pieces go through multiple firings to give it more depth of color and texture.

Platter for Crackers ~ Serving tray

Oktoberfest Beer Stein ~ Big Coffee Mug

His work also reflects his love for Bollywood movies and his fascination with life in India. He strives to give life to clay, decorating it with Indian influences keeping functionality and uniqueness in mind.

Love the detailing in his work!

Dancing Divas~ Inspired by Bollywood.

Charan says,'Pottery has given me the much needed respite from the monotony of everyday life. Working with clay and giving it form feels as satisfying as organizing and bringing peace to all the chaos that is there around me.

My goal is to continue to work with this medium to create art work which is cherished for life.'

We wish him all the very best in his endeavor:-)

You can check out his Facebook page or buy his stunning work at his Etsy store Creative with Clay

(images by Charan Sachar)

Monday, November 07, 2011

pinning my interests...

...something that has been keeping me completely occupied these days!

Pinterest is a visual board style photo-sharing platform, where users can categorize their inspirations under various topics.

The best part is with just the 'Pin-It' button on your browser you can pin all your inspirations to your Pinterest page, while you surf the internet.

Here are screenshots of some of my boards.
A board for 'My Style' on interior design...

An inner page with my recent pin...


You can follow me archanasr on Pinterest as well! Let's share and get inspired!