Sunday, July 01, 2012

Moving on...

I usually type directly on to my blogger template while composing a post but this post has been written on pieces of paper, crumpled, picked up, re-written, edited on Microsoft Word and finally comes to you in this final form.

In a state of mixed feelings I want to share some news with all the lovely readers of Rang Décor who have supported the blog and me to grow and evolve over the last 5 years.

We are moving to the US in the end of July this year. 
Minnesota: The Land of 10,000 Lakes will be our new home.

We leave behind our home, our city, Bangalore, that we love dearly and carry with us jewel boxes filled with innumerable precious nuggets of memories of life spent here.

This move will mean a big change for me personally, my family and also for
Rang Décor.
The interior ideas that I have shared on Rang Décor have been ‘predominantly Indian’ because of that which inspires me, that which surrounds me, that which I love so deeply.
Everything India.
Everything about India.
Everything about my life in India.
As I move on, Rang Décor too will hopefully evolve into a space that will be a grand mix of Indian aesthetics along with global inspirations. An interesting combination of eclectic ideas curated with my design sensibilities!

Glimpses of our life, our travels & home have been posted on Rang Décor many times before. Today I share with you few more frames of the home that we have nurtured as a family with great love.
 Eastern light bathes our terrace in a golden hue every morning...
 A wide angle of our study...
Priya Sebastian's self portrait watches over our study, a Pepperomia plant grows wild in a bottle...
 Blogging one quiet afternoon in our study...
 Aarohi Singh's Goddess Saraswati Thali blesses the music corner of our home...

 Will miss the morning sunlight the most, where I have shot so many of my photographs.
 My frangipani trees, so long!

As I embark on this new journey, a new chapter of my life in a new land, I hope all of you will join me. 
 This is how the road ahead looks at this time of the year. (We just returned from a hectic week in Minnesota) 
The sun sets  around 9 p.m. leaving behind an orange glow in the sky. 

“I don’t know where I am going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.”

~ David Bowie.


Signing off the India chapter, will see you all on the other side of the globe.

(Would appreciate any kind of suggestions, tips and virtual hand holding that all you Rang Decor readers can offer! Thank you!)