Thursday, December 17, 2015

Surrendering to the moment...

As the last few days of the year wind up leaving behind a single sheet on my flip desk calendar.
I try to slow down in an attempt to pause the scenes from this year that went by so quickly…

2015 served me a mixed platter.
I contemplated if I really needed to share my year here on Rang Decor.
Rang Decor is and will be my creative playground and you my dear readers have been with me through this creative journey.
As most of you, who follow Rang Decor's Social Media know I lost my father rather suddenly over the Diwali week.
Experiencing an emotion called grief has been a new one.
Dad was a Brigadier in the Indian Army. He first served the nation and then after his retirement he decided to volunteer his life to the service of others.
He touched the lives of so many people through his helpful nature, soft demeanour and loving smile.
One big learning through this difficult time has been that it is only your actions and deeds that matter. How you made other's feel.
I will continue to draw inspiration from that.

The experience has also taught me greater appreciation and gratitude for this beautiful life.
On a personal level this year is also when a happy soul entered our lives and changed it for the better.
His name is Cocoa Srinivas, our soon to be 10 month old Beagle Pup.
He makes me smile everyday!

On a creative, professional level
I self-published my first photo book 'A Cup of Chai…'  this year.

I enter the third year of my journey as a potter creating function pottery and soon to launch my creations for sale on Archana Srinivas Pottery.

Rang Decor continues to enjoy the love and encouragement of you lovely readers and is soon to reach 12000 followers on Facebook. Thank You.

A lot to be thankful for as I surrender to the moment and savour it's unpredictability.

December brings with it a healing magic dust, hope to roll in it. Grateful that my Mother is here with us, as we heal together.

Thankful for this precious life that offers so many wonderful experiences and lessons.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.
Signing off for the year.

Peace and Happiness.

P.S~I will be posting visuals on Instagram. So do drop by.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Ibrahim Pasha | Sultanahmet | Istanbul, Turkey

A quaint boutique hôtel just walking distance from many of the historic sites in the old city of Istanbul.
A space filled with books, interesting pieces of furniture and loads of information of the Byzantine history of Istanbul.
A photo-essay.

The reception lounge.

The breakfast nook.

A cosy space for reading and surfing.

View from the rooftop.
Check out their website here: Hotel Ibrahim Pasha
Facebook: Hotel Ibrahim Pasha

( Images by Arch and are copyrighted)