Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Old Courtyard Hotel

On our recent vacation to Fort Kochi, Kerala, we stayed at an old Portuguese heritage hotel called The Old Courtyard Hotel on Princess Street.
As we entered the huge wooden door, we were immediately transported to the elegance and beauty of a by-gone era.
This restored heritage building now offers 8 rooms, that overlook a charming courtyard.
You can enjoy a cup of cardamom tea sitting under a huge mango tree in the center of the courtyard, or dig into their wide variety of desserts that are so very popular!
The white-washed walls, the arches, antique furniture, the old switchboards and the attention to details makes this quaint place very special.The dining area faces the courtyard. We were torn between enjoying the view and devouring their delicious breakfast:-)
View from the first floor balcony.
The terracotta tiled roof and the fresh green leaves of the mango tree make a lovely combination.
Top view of the Old Courtyard Hotel
Magical light filtering in through the window as we were shown our room.The patina of the seasoned wooden floor with my cup of tea:-)
The owners have retained the original floor and I am so glad they did, the feel of the smooth wood against the feet is something else.The rain-gods decided to shower their blessings on us that evening and the Old Courtyard took on a magical feel.We just stood there watching the rain beat down while sipping our Masala Chai this time;-)
If we traveled to Fort Cochin again, we would surely return to this charming 17th century abode.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rang Decor Readers' Creative Spaces: VI

Anuradha Varma
Lives in Seattle with her husband and two little ones, she shares few corners of her warm and inviting home with all of us today...

Anuradha describes, 'To me, my home is like a favourite classic book – full of warmth and character. It’s a home for my family and a place to hold treasures that have a special place in my heart.'
'The Indian looking candle holders made of printing blocks were a discovery here in Seattle. When lit they give me and my home a warm glow' says Anuradha.

Her style is eclectic with heirlooms passed down from her parents and mementos of travels from around the world and India.
Anuradha has great fondness for antique brass pieces. She bought these pieces in Kolkata and Delhi. The dragon incense holder is her personal favourite.
A special corner where she has her morning chai.

'A touch of oriental decor. These chairs are replicas of chairs used by the bride and groom in a traditional wedding in China. I love the simplicity and elegance of these chairs.' says Anuradha.

A collection of Murano glass from Italy, Czech crystal, pottery from Mexico and Spain, knick knacks from flea markets and antique stores around the globe compliment each other. An Indian ethnic motif ties all of this together.
The living-dining area is minimalistic in style and has furniture with clean lines.

She loves entertaining. Here is a Christmas dinner arrangement for her family visiting from India.A bright breakfast nook with her prized photograph of Mt Ranier
The foyer area has a collection of family heirlooms and her own shopping ranging from places like Hawaii to Chandni Chowk. Her Ganesha collection displayed here. Every trip to India has her coming back with her good luck charm~ Lord Ganesha.Diyas lit for Diwali ( The festival of lights)

'I appreciate things that are simple yet elegant. I am always experimenting with new ideas and use my home as a canvas for my thoughts to come to life. I am interested in interiors, photography and love to travel and my home reflects that.' says

Thanks for sharing your lovely home with all of us.

Anuradha is a new blogger and paints her interests in her blog~ My Dream Canvas

P.S~ If you have any questions for Anuradha about her home, please ask in the comments section so she can reply to you.