Thursday, August 15, 2013

Uptown Art Fair. Calhoun Square, Minneapolis.

Having sorely missed my favourite fairs like Chitra Santhe, Dastkar & Kala Madhyam back in Bangalore, India, I placed all  hopes of quenching my creative thirst on the Uptown Art Fair, an annual art event held in the Calhoun Square in the Uptown area in Minneapolis.

Apart from showcasing amazing art the fair is a celebration of hip and unconventional Uptown community. A blend of urban energy with the serenity of the city of lakes.

First we decided to see the Youth Art Fair, they definitely are tomorrow's stars!

Some lovely work by the youth was on display.

Creativity galore.

Look at these earthy pottery made by a young high school student Nate Saunders. He has a FB page where you can check out his latest creations!
Saunders Pottery

The art fair started way back in 1964 as a way to increase awareness of the arts at the same time raise money for Uptown projects.

I was just happy to see so much colour, creativity and art and take in the beauty of a bright sunny day.

Art by Chris Vance, an Iowa-based artist.

I love handcrafted books and I just had to stop by the booth of artist from Texas, Mychal S. Mitchell of Iona Handcrafted Books.
Keep your journals super safe with a lock!

As I flipped through the Uptown Visitors brochure I read that "An average of 375,000 people attend the Uptown Art Fair making it second only to the famous Minnesota State Fair."!
Paintings by Stephen Baldauf
Loved the colour palette in these acrylic paintings

Dolan Geiman's work was simply stunning. Later while researching I learnt that he's a nationally recognised mixed media artist, he works with salvaged wood, found object and recycled materials.

His work is an amalgamation of traditional folk art and contemporary, urban style.

Map of Minnesota:-)

It was pure bliss walking past some lovely work...

...and stopping to stare at the blue blue mid-western sky.

Black and White work by Erik Saulitis, a photographer specialising in Dance Prints.

Amazing work by artist William Kwamena-Poh

Quirky Silverware Art by The New Homestead . They repurpose antique silverware and create something interesting!

There was an abundance of beautiful ceramic booths and needless to say they had my full attention:-)

Michigan-based potter Brian Beam's lovely work.

Loads of delightful creations in various booths...

I had a tête-à-tête about various clays with Jackie Matelski of Jackie Matelski Ceramics

DeVries Pottery display.

Salt Shakers on display by Duluth potters Cheryl and Bob Husby...

What a day it was!
I came out feeling like Santiago from The Alchemist  "when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true"

My wish was granted.

{ Do click on the names of the artists, they are all linked to their websites}

(Images are copyrighted)