Monday, July 30, 2007


Yamini is a chain of specialist stores, with the main focus on home textiles. Yamini not only has a vibrant collection of home furnishings like beddings, cushions, accessories etc but also has interiors that inspire & enhance the beauty of their products.
Interiors so colourful and beautiful that shopping here becomes an experience, an inspiration...!
Just look at these colours, the patterns, the embellishments....The rich & vibrant bed & bath linen collection
Black & WhitesBright colours & motifs compliment each other...
Table Linen & accessories...
The accessories are an exotic blend of colours, textures & patterns...
So enjoy these images while I float away into a word of colours, patterns & textures....:-))

(images from

Sunday, July 29, 2007


katiedid has tagged me.

It's where I tell you all a bit more about myself:-)

1. I had an arranged marriage.
My now husband/then a prospective groom & I decided to get married exactly two & a half hours after meeting each other. We've been married 8 years now & have a 5 year old daughter.

2. I am a self-confessed chai addict. Well, I use that as an excuse to collect loads of interesting ceramic mugs.

3. I am a fruits person. I get very insecure when the fruit-bowl on my dining table gets empty…

4. I have 4 piercings in each ear and one on my nose.

5. I learnt Bharatnatyam for many years and abandoned it to pursue my love for Hindustani classical music to the disappointment of my mother who is fantastic dancer.

6. My handbag is always filled with small biscuit packets, which I give to beggars on traffic signals since I don’t believe in throwing coins at them.

7. I absolutely love traveling by Indian railways, the crowd, the chai-sellers, crying babies, yelling passengers, the loud whistles of the steam engine…that is ‘the real India’!

8. I can eat any number of ‘Gol Guppas/Pani Puris’ an Indian street food.

I now tag...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bring in the floating beauties...

This post comes in a bit early, I usually post on Fridays. I'll be away for few days, but I just had to share one of my favourite decorating tips with all of you.
Fresh flowers bring in happiness, positivity & cheer into one's home. I buy flowers from my local florist and keep them in special corners in my home. Most of all I love floating flowers in Urlis, terracotta containers, brass plates and even in my Ikea cup ;-)Next time try floating some rose petals or even wild flowers picked up from your garden in a bowl and see the beauty it brings in.

Here are some pics from the corners of my home...
Some design ideas from books & travels...

(some images from Indian Design- Daab)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Art & Crafts of India #2: Indian Hand Embroidery

Indian Hand Embroidery entices us with its vibrant colours, the intricate designs and the effort put in by the skilled craftsmen.
There are various styles of embroidery in India & from different regions and it would be an enormous task to cover all of them in one small post.

Some of the well-known styles are Phulkari, Chikan, Kantha, Banjara, Rabari, Mirrorwork, Zardozi and you can read more about Indian Embroidery Styles here.

So here are some of the interesting styles...
Colourful cushion covers from Shrujan

The vibrant craft can be brought into your homes in the form of home accessories like cushion covers, bedsheets, door hangings, wall hanging and many more.

Bedsheet from Indiascrafts

Fantastic wall hanging from Shrujan
Cushion Covers from Shrujan
Door hanging from Indiascraft
Hand Embroidery bed cover from Anokhi
Amazing cushion covers from Tilonia
This white on cream is a dream:-) from Tilonia
Love this from Shrujan

Silver & Gold from Shrujan
Lovely combination from Anokhi
My mirrorwork cushion cover picked up from a Crafts Fair:-)

( Images from Shrujan, Tilonia, Anokhi & Indiascraft)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Anuradha Vakil's Studio

Anuradha Vakil has to be one of my favourite Indian fashion designer. Her love for traditional textile crafts & her passion to revive them makes her very special.
Anuradha's creations
Why am I talking about fashion & textiles?

Well, She puts in the same passion into designing her workshop-cum-office as she does into her clothes. I have been so inspired by her space I had to share this with all of you:-)

Anuradha states she wanted a very understated look. A contemprory space with an Indian soul.
The reception area with a sofa made of natural fibres and a colourful patch-work upholstery.
I love the simplicity of this space!
Reception area with gorgeous red athungudi tiles with a contemprory black & white border. Antique brocade textiles on walls form an interesting theme. Check out an old sewing machine converted into a table.Anuradha's workspace, where she creates those rich, colourful clothes.

She wanted here workspace to be in neutral colours since she works with colours the whole day. Lovely things that she cherishes & inspires her form this beautiful space.The meeting area, from here one can see her workspace. The floor level seating with fantastic Kalamkari floor cushions gives a great perspective of the neem tree outside her window.
She has a passion for old chests- she stores her accessories in them.
Lovely antique wooden-chests (Sigh*)
Her tiny loo is also beautifully designed. Gorgeous greens & yellows..the walls have stencilled flowers. Isn't this truely amazing!!!

I am so inspired by this kind of interiors where the designer puts her heart and soul into her space.

The home or workspace of an individual should aways be an extension of him/her. That's what works for me.

What do you say?

( images from Anuradha & Inside Outside Magazine, May 2003 issue)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Feature-'Art and Crafts of India: Dokra Art'

India is a country with rich art & craft heritage. I personally love the various art & crafts and try to incorporate them in my home.

I have started a new feature, where I'll be highlighting an India art or craft.

My first post is 'Dokra Art'
It's an ancient art of casting metal using the lost-wax method. The tribals from India make amazing idols & figures of Gods & Godesses, Animals, Birds and also their daily lives.

Above is a Dokra idol of 'Goddess Kali' in my home.

'The Owl' occasionally sits on my crockery sideboard.

Animal figures in my daughter's bathroom.

Thanks decor8!

Rang-Decor is the 'Blog of the Week' on decor8.

Thanks a lot Holly!