Monday, July 16, 2007

Anuradha Vakil's Studio

Anuradha Vakil has to be one of my favourite Indian fashion designer. Her love for traditional textile crafts & her passion to revive them makes her very special.
Anuradha's creations
Why am I talking about fashion & textiles?

Well, She puts in the same passion into designing her workshop-cum-office as she does into her clothes. I have been so inspired by her space I had to share this with all of you:-)

Anuradha states she wanted a very understated look. A contemprory space with an Indian soul.
The reception area with a sofa made of natural fibres and a colourful patch-work upholstery.
I love the simplicity of this space!
Reception area with gorgeous red athungudi tiles with a contemprory black & white border. Antique brocade textiles on walls form an interesting theme. Check out an old sewing machine converted into a table.Anuradha's workspace, where she creates those rich, colourful clothes.

She wanted here workspace to be in neutral colours since she works with colours the whole day. Lovely things that she cherishes & inspires her form this beautiful space.The meeting area, from here one can see her workspace. The floor level seating with fantastic Kalamkari floor cushions gives a great perspective of the neem tree outside her window.
She has a passion for old chests- she stores her accessories in them.
Lovely antique wooden-chests (Sigh*)
Her tiny loo is also beautifully designed. Gorgeous greens & yellows..the walls have stencilled flowers. Isn't this truely amazing!!!

I am so inspired by this kind of interiors where the designer puts her heart and soul into her space.

The home or workspace of an individual should aways be an extension of him/her. That's what works for me.

What do you say?

( images from Anuradha & Inside Outside Magazine, May 2003 issue)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I try and incorporate the same...spaces that would reflect part of me.

Loved your new post as always!!!

~ Kanchan

Green Mirchi said...

Hi Arch, thats a really well written post... love the sewing machine table and kalamkari floor cuhions as u may have guessed!..I agree with you about spaces being reflections of onself.. I remember my sis-in law telling me my home reminded her constantly of me! thanks for sharing these finds..very inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Anuradha Vakil's studio and her clothing are colorful inspiration!
Thank you for sharing Arch! I always like coming to visit you.

katiedid said...

Oh my! It is so inspiring to visit your blog. The clothes are beautiful, and the workspace is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It all look so warm and inspiring. And a different Indis from what I usually see through books and papers.

Shel/Nate/Anipals said...

This is the most GORGEOUS post I've seen in forever. I'm so inspired!

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks a lot each & everyone for your lovely comments!

I am glad you liked this post..becos this space has inspired me a lot!

Swati said...

Anuradha Vakil's is one of my favourite designers. As a teenager living In Ahmedabad,I always wandered into her shop thinking that one day i would earn and buy one of her designs. She is super classy.

Andrea said...

I like that loo...I think I need to take some inspiration from it!