Monday, December 22, 2008

A few corners from our new home...

Been completely submerged in home work and playing the role of a domestic goddess;-)
Here are a few casual captures from our new home, where I am still in the process of decorating & re-decorating. Athangudi tiles travelled all the way from Tamilnadu to our new apartment. Love the feel of these handmade tiles under my feet. (The more you walk barefoot on these tiles, the more they shine:-)I have open shelves in many rooms, it breaks the monotony and creates space for adding interesting elements.I love open shelves in the kitchen. Yes, the little black board has found it's place in the new kitchen too:-)A quiet corner with morning light filtering through the coloured patterned glass windows.
Will be back to some serious blogging the coming year:-) See you all then.

Wishing all of you happy holidays!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Instant Cheer...

Yes, I am talking about fresh juicy fruits & colourful fragrant flowers and the magic that they bring into our homes.
Today I share with you all loads of beautiful moments created by flowers & fruits in my home

Take out that old brass 'matka' or 'kalsi' and fill it up with seasonal flowers, just a couple of them will do the trick.
Let your creativity flow, write down happy notes;-)Don't have a brass vase, no worry go ahead and use empty glass jars......or empty wine/beer bottles. The brand lettering adds to the beauty. Add some whimsical touches, ceramic ducks picked up from a local fair...Don't have a florist nearby, no worries pick up some wildflowers from the roadside or some seasonal flowers from the trees:-)

No expensive curios needed. No designer artefacts.
It's the simple things in life that add that sparkle to your home and a smile to your face.These flowers and fruits certainly lifted my spirits on a rainy day like today!

Wish you all loads of happiness with vitamins and fragrance:-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aarohi Singh

A self taught artist, who doesn't restrict herself to one single medium and paints on just about anything. She has transformed mundane things like tea kettles, buckets, plates and even a foldable chair into pieces of art.
Aarohi paints with acrylic, oil, pastels & watercolours. Her acrylic paintings of Hindu Gods with her funky twists is quite interesting.
I am completely in love with these Ganesha paintings!
A little bling, a little kitsch, with unrestraint use of colours makes her work really beautiful!
If you want to get your hands on these colourful pieces of art, you are lucky!

Aarohi is having an exhibition of her art at
The Oxford Bookstore,
Leela Galleria,
Old Airport Road, Bangalore
from the 21st November to 23rd November 2008.

She describes her work on exhibit as 'My take on India, folklore, and dance amongst others. Varied expressions on objects of everyday use. Kettles transform to lovers meeting amidst zebra stripes. The ubiquitous Autorickshaw drove through my art on its way to London too! Things I see around me represented onto objects to form art.'

So if you are in Bangalore, do visit 'Art by Aarohi' exhibition.

( Images from Art by

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


inner journeys...outdoors
That line has been playing on my mind ever since I finished with the hectic but enjoyable festivities of Diwali.
Today I take you far away from the hustle-bustle of daily life, to the snow-clad mountains of Himalayas to experience Shakti.
Shakti a concept, where one can escape the noise and stress of city life to a space where the splendour of nature can be experienced in the serene landscapes and by interacting with the local people and their culture.Shakti Village Experiences~ An experience where one can walk through the remote villages of Himalayas accompanied by guides and porters, interact with the locals, stay in traditional homes that have been made more comfortable for the guests without losing it’s original charm.How can anyone not fall in love with this turqouise room?The rooms are rustic, minimalist but with bright splashes of colours.
Oh! How I'd love to have breakfast here with those shiny vessels in the background:-)
Shakti has three village walks to choose from~Kumaon Village Walk, Sikkim Village Walk and Ladakh Village walk.

So pack your bags and your mind to a land of divine beauty.

As I leave you with these breathtaking images I can only quote these lines from the movie 'Sound of Music'

"Climb every mountain, search high and low
Follow every byway, every path you know.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, 'til you find your dream."

( Images from

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our home in BBC Good Homes Magazine!

It's super exciting to see our humble abode featured in BBC Good Homes Magazine, India Edition!

Thanks to the Editor~Tara*Kaushal, Deputy Editor~Seema Sreedharan and their team for featuring our home and a special thanks to Shivani Sen who wrote the feature:-)

Do pick up your copy of BBC Good Homes, November Issue;-)

( Image shot this morning, while enjoying my cup of hot chai)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little bling...

Today we picked up some simple earthern diyas ( lamps) and laced the edges with long forgotten roll of sequins:-)
If you have some lace, sequins or beaded strips lying around, you know what to do with them.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diwali Decorating Ideas ~Revisited!

Last year I shared many Diwali decorating ideas from my home. Will try and post some more ideas before Diwali, but meanwhile here's a quick recap of what we had last year!
If you'd like to check out the posts, here they are~
Diwali Ki Shubhkamnayen 2007

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Viya Home

Many of you might be familiar with Viya Home, an unique interiors store with an eclectic range of furnitures, sculptures and accessories for your home. A place where inspiration has been drawn from historic architecture and styles and given a contemporary touch.
Accessories in brass and metal to add beauty and luxury to your home.Viya Home works very closely with 'master-craftsmen all over India in re-interpreting traditional skills and designs'
Viya Home draws inspiration from Mughal architecture, traditional South Indian as well as various Indian styles but with a modern touch.Their accessories include contemporary hand-beaten metal planters, urns, washbasins, stone vases and bowls.Apart from these luxurious 'Indo Western' products, Viya Home also works with architects and designers at various stages of customizing, conceptualizing and sourcing.

( Images from Viya Home. com)

P.S.- It's great to be back after my Autumn break, have loads to share so do drop by often;-) Thanks for all your comments and feedback.