Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Art Connoisseur Rajshree Pathy's Residence.

When I first saw Rajshree Pathy's home featured in 2004 issue of Design Today, I was completely spellbound. Various art forms coming together to form this great space.

The first & second pics. are Madhubani wall painting by award-winning artist Shivan Paswan. I love the balance provided by the white cushion against the colourful backdrop.

The third pic. is that of dining room with a huge head by Ravinder Reddy, which gives it a dramatic look.

The fourth pic. is the entrance to her house with floating stones and wall painting by artists from Kerala.

The fifth pic. shows her various art collection of 18 years.

Rajshree conceived the design of the house herself and worked with a local engineer. She likes to call her house a museum, a resort & an artist's retreat all in one.

Beautiful. Hope you agree?

(images from Design Today, Oct-Nov 2004 issue.)

Elsewhere- The Beach House.

Elsewhere is a beach house in Mandrem, Goa. A 108- years old Goan villa inherited and restored by Denzil Sequiera, a fashion photographer.

The house has traditional red-oxide floors with contrasting cool white exteriors. The overall effect is vibrant. Care has been taken to maintain the original character of the home. Denzil calls it 'Contemporary Rustic'.

The best part is that you can soak up the sun and listen to the waves from this 108-years old villa.

Elsewhere is available for rent for your dream holidays.

(Images from Design Today, April-May2005 issue.)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

About this Blog.

I needed a space exclusively for archiving & sharing interior design ideas from India. Here you will find loads of ideas from magazines, books, places that I have visited and found inspiring...!
Come enjoy one more 'Rang'(Colour) of my life!

My Home.

Let's start by showcasing my home which is extremely Indian in it's styling but set in a contemporary setting.

Do check out Decor8 for my home featured under Tour Reader's Spaces from Around the World.

Here are pics of my home on Flickr.