Wednesday, September 29, 2010

warm blush...

It's official, in my home the 'warm pink' is the fall colour:-)
What are the hues that are painting your fall this year?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

kitschy goodies...

Whenever we drive out of Bangalore during our many weekend getaways, we make a quick stop at Channapatna, a small town famous for it's wooden toys & lacquerware. Every time we manage to find something interesting:-)
During our trip to Masinagudi few weeks back, we did out customary stop at Channapatna, my eyes fell on these button-like boxes with Indian Kitsch painting. It was instant love.
Such a familiar scenery that one gets to see painted on trucks and on auto-rickshaws in India.
Oh yes! Taj Mahal had to be there...
I am amazed at the lovely art and crafts in India.
If you are driving out of Bangalore sometime, do stop by at Channapatna, you won't be disappointed:-)

Have a great festive weekend everyone!