Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Diwali vignettes Rang Decor style....

Just few frames of how I will be decorating our humble abode this Diwali. My colour palette seems to be gravitating more towards whites, creams, violet and silver.

Mercury votives add the sparkle to the festival of lights...

 Vintage finds and traditional silverware makes interesting combinations.

 Float some candles.

...and some flowers!

Most importantly let your creativity flow, enjoy the process and savour the glow and joy!

Have a fabulous time with your family and friends with loads of happiness and laughter!

Diwali Ki bahut Shubhkanayein!  

Happy Diwali all you lovely readers of Rang Decor! Stay safe! Sending loads of warm wishes from a cold Minnesota:-)

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pinch a little...

I am referring to a technique used in pottery called pinching. It's a super simple way of making a clay pot. Here is a link to how you can make a pinch pot.
Recently we made it in my pottery class with coloured porcelain clay.

So I thought for this Diwali why not make pinch pot tea light holders? I remembered we had some Air-Dry Clay that we had used to make Ganesha this year. 
So quickly I made little clay balls that fit into my palm and made pinch pots that could fit a tea light. I loved the creamy white colour, so I retained it. 

If you like you can paint the tips or use coloured clay. 
 I moulded it in such a way that it gives a rustic, floral, petal-like feel.

 A peach and cream colour scheme comes together...

You can line it in a row or place it in a single tray with flowers.

Few readers asked about how to incorporate the fall decor accessories available here in the US.
Few felt/foam leaves scattered around the pinch pot tea-light holders gives it an autumn appeal. Add mini pumpkins or winter squashes around the tea lights.

You can get your kids involved in making pinch pots and the clay dries quite easily.

Hope you liked this simple DIY idea for Diwali. 

Have a beautiful Diwali filled with warm glow and happiness!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Than Monastery, Bhuj | Gujarat.

I just cleaned some virtual dust off my hard disk which housed frames from one memorable trip to Kutch, Gujarat in 2011. With that came some beautiful memories that has me writing a blog post.

Bhuj was our base for many small trips that we undertook around the region. 

Than Monastery is about 60 kms from Bhuj. A beautiful temple complex tucked away in the quiet countryside of Kutch district.

Than Monastery is situated at the foot of Dinodhar Hill and is dedicated to Dhoramnath.  
He is said to have performed rigorous penance here for 12 long years.
The temple is made with limestone, mud and plastered with cement and one can see bright vermillion colour smeared on various walls.

The care taker of the temple showed us his earring that was part of the order of the temple.

Our driver Akhil Bhai and the patterned shadows...

My colourful socks and some light and shadow...

Bright Vermilion Trident...
The limestone wall arches and contrasting vermilion figures.
While walking into the various chambers of the complex, we came across some stunning ceramic floral tiles.
...and marble inlay work on the floors.

It was interesting to see a sudden profusion of colours in the interior of the temple as compared to the plain limestone and vermillion on the outside.

The inner walls were adorned with Kamangari Paintings~ A dying art in Gujarat.

"The speciality of Kamangari art was that the paintings were done on on a wet plastered background so that they lasted longer. The artistes used brushes made from the bark of palm trees, using colors extracted from leaves, pebbles and clay mixed with gypsum."
~ extract from Frank Grey's article

Intricate 'jaali' work in the walls.

Such beautiful Kamangari Paintings depicting various mythological scenes.

We walked into a room that had magical light streaming through coloured glass and painted with Kamangari work.
I understand in the olden days the rich-class of people used to patronise the Kamangari artists who would paint the walls of worship and homes.

The serene and quiet temple complex with occasional calls from the parrots...

Vermillion smeared stones and symbols in the complex.

Every part of Kutch that we travelled to, has so much of history in terms of art, craft and architecture. I really hope the dying art finds patrons to revive it and caretakers to uphold such amazing cultural heritage of India.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Launching Vignettes of Rang Decor Photo Prints...

Fall is a beautiful season when the sky is blue and the land shimmers in hues of gold.

I have curated and styled 7 Limited Edition photo prints of my work that can be purchased.

Presenting Vignettes of Rang Decor Limited Edition Prints.

Diwali Inspiration...

The Original Photo Print:

Pink Chrysanthemum...

The Original Photo Print:

Wicker Chair...

The Original Photo Print:

 Pink & White Roses...

The Original Photo Print:

Wooden Board Game... 

The Original Photo Print:

Spring Fever...

The Original Photo Print:

Brass Ladles...

The Original Photo Print:

You can take a look at all the original images here: Vignettes of Rang Decor.

This festive season take home a vignette for your home or gift it to family and friends:-)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the photo prints, send me a mail at
I will send you all the details via email.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Coppre presents Vintage Inspirations 2013 Festive Collection.

This festive season, Coppre brings to you a stunning collection: Vintage Inspirations 2013 Festive Collection.

Yesteryears are enchanting.
They holster memories- the happy and sad ones; 
The things we did for adventure and thrill;
They brim with truth, confidence and innocence.
It reminds us- of days filled with sand castles, water games and summer holidays spent in mango orchards.
Of nightfall braced by the comfort of grandmother's food and bedtime stories
There is a reason why old is gold and vintage is treasured.

As these beautiful lights suggest they are inspired by traditional metalware.

Rang Decor readers might recall this post introducing Coppre.

Coppre is a creative collaboration between the 'Tambat' craftsmen in Maharashtra and Rashmi Ranade, a product designer from Industrial Design Centre, IIT Powai and Sir JJ School of Architecture. 

They are supported by INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) and Forbes Marshall in this social enterprise initiative.
Coppre works with the craftspeople, by modernizing their products for contemporary sensibilities thereby making the old relevant in the new. 

In the current series, Vintage Inspirations 2013, Rashmi Ranade draws from influences of a trunkful of antique brass & copper utensils, puja accessories brought to India by her friend's grand mother during partition, from erstwhile East Pakistan during partition and other objects of yore.  

The product range consists of Tableware and Serveware including Platters, Nut Bowls and Floaters.

Spartan Platter...

The Spartan Platter has been rendered with a dull finish and a new etching pattern. It draws inspiration from the rustic yet elegant charm of design from yesteryears. It exudes copper’s inherent warmth and simplicity. 

It makes for an ideal fruit platter. Comes in two sizes.

Resonance Floater...

The Resonance Floater is an auditory ode to an object used in daily worship in many homes across South East Asia. It has been made relevant to contemporary utilitarian needs by converting it to a Floater.

It can be used as tableware when hosting friends and family or to float candles and flowers when the sun goes down. Comes in two sizes – large and small.

Treasure Box...

The Treasure Box is a remake of a ‘Daaginache Dabba’ when translated from Marathi, it means Box for Jewelry or Jewelry box. The seams and contours are traditional; the etches and bright finish render it a contemporary look. 
House your favorite jewelry or use it for storing stationary at your office desk. 

Nut Bowls...

The Pebble & Circular Nut Bowls have a simple, circular contour and its handles draw inspiration from the brass modak maker (a traditional Indian dish of sweet, steamed dumplings). It is a reminder of the charm and beauty of the designs of cookware from ancient India.

It has multiple uses and could be used as tableware for serving nuts and also to float candles and flower petals. 

Songbird Platter...

The Songbird Platter is reminiscent of a design era that drew inspiration from nature. It is also an ode to the ‘Coppersmith Barbet’, known for its call, likened to a coppersmith striking metal with a hammer. It is known to adapt fairly well to changes in its habitat, just like our craftspeople. 

Can be used as tableware when hosting friends and family or as an organiser to keep coins, trinkets or stationary items.

Fish Platter...

The Fish Platter is reminiscent of a time when craft designs drew inspiration from nature alone. 

The Heirloom Box...

The Heirloom Box is an antique affair both in design and utility. Jewelry boxes from another era have inspired it. 
It has been aptly christened “The Heirloom Box’ as it sturdy and can be passed on over generations. 

House your favorite jewelry or use it for storing stationary at your office desk. 

Hope you enjoyed the exclusive preview of Coppre's Vintage Inspirations 2013 Festive Collection.

You can get in touch with Coppre on their Facebook page.

Alternatively you could also write to them at

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