Monday, April 11, 2016

Sultan Cave Suites | Goreme, Cappadocia | Turkey

Our trip to Turkey last November started with Cappadocia. Having seen the magical hot air balloons glide silently over a very unique landscape, put Cappadocia on our Turkey travel 'to-do' list.

We took a flight from Istanbul to Kayseri which is in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. Within an hours drive from Kayseri is Sultan Cave Suites in Goreme, Cappadocia.

Having reached our destination in the night, we woke up to the wonderment of this nature's beauty!
The landscape of Cappadocia is made of volcanic rock formations which look like accordion patterns.

The the volcanic rock formations are very aptly called Fairy Chimneys. These structures over time have become dwellings by carving into the soft rocks. Today many such caves have become boutique hotels.

Sultan Cave Suites is one such cave hotel where one can experience the fairy chimneys nestled amongst volcanic mountains and valleys.

The gorgeous sunny terrace with breathtaking views.

Ismir the hotel dog soaking up the fall sunlight on a gorgeous kilim!

The cozy reception area where we sipped many cups of warm Turkish Apple Tea and enjoyed the view.

Just loved the rustic stone built structures and courtyard around the caves.

As night fell the surrounding area took on a surreal imagery.

The moonlight evening was savoured!

Entrance to our cave rooms...

Combination of wrought iron and stone...

We woke up early to go experience the highlight of our Cappadocia trip!

At dawn we watched the hot air balloons slowly fire up and rise up in the sky...

The magical scenes will ever be etched on my mind.

We sat there watching the balloons glide over to the other side of the valley and behind them the beautiful eastern Sun rise.

It really filled up my heart!

Cappadocia is a must visit site if you visit Turkey.

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