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Coppre presents Vintage Inspirations 2013 Festive Collection.

This festive season, Coppre brings to you a stunning collection: Vintage Inspirations 2013 Festive Collection.

Yesteryears are enchanting.
They holster memories- the happy and sad ones; 
The things we did for adventure and thrill;
They brim with truth, confidence and innocence.
It reminds us- of days filled with sand castles, water games and summer holidays spent in mango orchards.
Of nightfall braced by the comfort of grandmother's food and bedtime stories
There is a reason why old is gold and vintage is treasured.

As these beautiful lights suggest they are inspired by traditional metalware.

Rang Decor readers might recall this post introducing Coppre.

Coppre is a creative collaboration between the 'Tambat' craftsmen in Maharashtra and Rashmi Ranade, a product designer from Industrial Design Centre, IIT Powai and Sir JJ School of Architecture. 

They are supported by INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) and Forbes Marshall in this social enterprise initiative.
Coppre works with the craftspeople, by modernizing their products for contemporary sensibilities thereby making the old relevant in the new. 

In the current series, Vintage Inspirations 2013, Rashmi Ranade draws from influences of a trunkful of antique brass & copper utensils, puja accessories brought to India by her friend's grand mother during partition, from erstwhile East Pakistan during partition and other objects of yore.  

The product range consists of Tableware and Serveware including Platters, Nut Bowls and Floaters.

Spartan Platter...

The Spartan Platter has been rendered with a dull finish and a new etching pattern. It draws inspiration from the rustic yet elegant charm of design from yesteryears. It exudes copper’s inherent warmth and simplicity. 

It makes for an ideal fruit platter. Comes in two sizes.

Resonance Floater...

The Resonance Floater is an auditory ode to an object used in daily worship in many homes across South East Asia. It has been made relevant to contemporary utilitarian needs by converting it to a Floater.

It can be used as tableware when hosting friends and family or to float candles and flowers when the sun goes down. Comes in two sizes – large and small.

Treasure Box...

The Treasure Box is a remake of a ‘Daaginache Dabba’ when translated from Marathi, it means Box for Jewelry or Jewelry box. The seams and contours are traditional; the etches and bright finish render it a contemporary look. 
House your favorite jewelry or use it for storing stationary at your office desk. 

Nut Bowls...

The Pebble & Circular Nut Bowls have a simple, circular contour and its handles draw inspiration from the brass modak maker (a traditional Indian dish of sweet, steamed dumplings). It is a reminder of the charm and beauty of the designs of cookware from ancient India.

It has multiple uses and could be used as tableware for serving nuts and also to float candles and flower petals. 

Songbird Platter...

The Songbird Platter is reminiscent of a design era that drew inspiration from nature. It is also an ode to the ‘Coppersmith Barbet’, known for its call, likened to a coppersmith striking metal with a hammer. It is known to adapt fairly well to changes in its habitat, just like our craftspeople. 

Can be used as tableware when hosting friends and family or as an organiser to keep coins, trinkets or stationary items.

Fish Platter...

The Fish Platter is reminiscent of a time when craft designs drew inspiration from nature alone. 

The Heirloom Box...

The Heirloom Box is an antique affair both in design and utility. Jewelry boxes from another era have inspired it. 
It has been aptly christened “The Heirloom Box’ as it sturdy and can be passed on over generations. 

House your favorite jewelry or use it for storing stationary at your office desk. 

Hope you enjoyed the exclusive preview of Coppre's Vintage Inspirations 2013 Festive Collection.

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( Images by Coppre and they are copyrighted)

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lovelifeunderthesun said...

A very interesting post!Love all the coppre stuff especially the different platters!I remember my granny used to have a lot of copper puja utensils.