Wednesday, June 03, 2015

It's a beautiful life...

When Spring makes it's appearance in Minnesota.
We celebrate.

Celebration of the floral paths laid out by nature,
the mesmerising fragrance of Lilacs, the Lily of the Valley.
the profusion of colours in the form of honeysuckles, magnolias, forsythias.
We celebrate the earth that comes alive and turns up the saturation levels of colours a notch or two.

We also celebrate the newest member of our family
Cocoa Srinivas.
Our Beagle Pup.

He tiptoed into our lives like Spring and has made it bloom with love and joy.
I, for one have put on hold my never ending list of 'to-dos' to spend this exhilarating season outdoors with my family and our newest addition!

I will be taking a summer break from Rang Decor and from blogging to bond with my little boy Cocoa, to nurture my kitchen garden, to entertain friends, to share cups of chai and laughter with loved ones, to go on long long walks, to be mindful of the moments that life offers us.

I will see you all in fall, with fresh ideas, inspirations and features.

Till then you can continue to enjoy posts from Rang Decor's archives on the Throwback Week on Rang Decor's Facebook page and will update the Feel the breeze... series soon.

You can follow me on instagram which I typically update everyday!

Have a great summer everyone!

( Images by Arch)


Anonymous said...

Hi Arch,

Beautiful plans for summer, and such lovely choice of words to express
those plans. Nurturing of kitchen garden.

congratulations on getting a puppy. How well you have adjusted to
the "living life " of US. It really amazes me. We have lived here for so long
yet no puppy.. because each time we thought of buying one, we worried about where
would we keep him if we had to go out of town. You have already started a kitchen
garden, and even have a grill for those summer bounties.

You truly live life at the fullest.

Lot of blog writers have stopped posting regularly. I guess blogging is
dying a slow death because of other social media websites. People move places
and then they stop writing too. When people move back to India they stop communicating. I guess life in India becomes more exciting. When people move here
from India they stop writing too.

In my part of the world we are more dreading the summer than looking forward to it.
The temps are already in 80s and in a couple of weeks will reach 100.That's when you
cannot go out and do anything.

Any way.. Happy Summer

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Anonymous~ Thank you for your kind words! I can only speak for myself and I definitely hope to continue design blogging irrespective of the location.
Hope to be back in fall.
Wish you cooler temperatures in your part of the word.


Arti said...

Love the petals shot Archana. Enjoy Cocoa- he looks adorable:) and your long long walks. xx

Anonymous said...

Cocoa Srinivas :) Love how you tagged on your last name to Cocoa. So funny. Addition to your family literally! Life is indeed beautiful when we see what you see!