Thursday, September 24, 2015

Creating few mindful moments...

It's officially fall and the season usually alternates between bright sunny crisp days and rainy grey days.
Today happens to be one of those grey rainy days.

Like I previously mentioned about Rang Decor taking a new direction with me sharing things close to my heart.

In today's world where an individual is trying to get a hundred and one things done, the physical body is stretched to it's maximum capacity and so is the mind that races to keep pace. With a little bit of soul searching I decided to make a few changes.
Being mindful.
What is mindfulness?
Just being in the moment. Not thinking of the future or the past.
Sounds simple? Well it definitely takes a lot of practice.

Incorporating such moments of mindfulness in the busy lives is tough but not impossible. I realised I took 'Chai breaks' during my work day and practicing mindfulness during that time was a great option.

While brewing the tea, I try to celebrate the whole process, the pounding of the spices, the whistling of the kettle, the aroma of tea leaves and finally sitting down to savour the first sip of warm chai.

'Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.

~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

Such mindful moments seem to help me slow down.
Will share such mindful moments on a regular basis visually.

Do you practice mindfulness? Do share your little rituals.

( Images by Arch and are copyrighted)


Ms.B said...

it would be great to see your chai making process.

Lavanya said...

My moment of mindfulness is when I am making rangoli... I concentrate on the feel of ground rice between my fingers, the dots I have to connect, the curves I have to make...