Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pink for the Cure...

My post for 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month"
Let me start with this bright pink studio home of fashion designer Malini Ramani. This space is a mix of bohemian, goan & international styles. Crystal lotus infront of a multi-faith mandir (shrine/temple) in her lounge area.
The lounge area has lot of pink velvet with pictures of friends and her guru in the backdrop. The wrought iron & shells chandelier is her own creation.Old rose walls with a Gautam Vaghela painting in one of Pinakin Patel's Alibag projects.Priti Paul & Jaouad Kadiri's Moroccan retreat.'Vogue' Magazine Photographer Norman Parkinson captures the richness of India through his camera.
The MTV Office in Bangalore by Sandeep Khosla & AssociatesAlpana & Rahul Kirloskar's bungalow in Pune with a large centre table with Sanskrit script on torched granite in the living room. A painting by J Swaminathan on the wall.
A verandah with a large wenge seagrass sofa with vivid pink upholstery.Some pink festive decorating ideas from Elle Decor Magazine.

Glass Candle Stand from Klove Studio, Fabric from House of Ishatvam, Atmosphere, Old Goddess Lakshmi print from Moonriver.Wrought Iron lamps from Good Earth, Chair from India Chic, Fabric from Muslin.
Bright pink upholstery from Atmosphere.


finally an artist whose paintings I really admire- Dhruvi Acharya.

She says,"My paintings focus, through allegory, on the roles of being a woman and artist plus a mother and daughter, of living life as a couple with two boys, or life as a couple with two careers … it is all these dualities, the “two-ness” of my existence that makes life both stressful and enjoyable. And these dualities find their way into my paintings, through allegories and metaphors, images and colours... read more here "

Bound, Acrylic on panel, 2001 In the Middle of the Night, Acrylic on panel, 2002
Flower PowerUnplugged, Acrylic on Canvas, 2000

(images from Elle Decor Magazine, Indian Design by Daab, Inside-Outside Magazine, Vogue,


Vineeta said...

I love I love I love this post! What a treasure you've put together from so many places! Kickass! And Fuscias been on my mind lately and I love the way its come alive in these interiors. Love the:Pinakin house, MTV office, the centre table in Rahul & alpana kirloskar home& ALL of dhruvi's work. Saw her in Vogue. Thanx for putting together & sharing such muchness :)

Vineeta said...

Love your header too- This is my favouritest pic from your entire flickr stream. It could be by the best of Elles photographers. Its that good. There I've said it :)

Anonymous said...

I love it all, really nice selections of pink inspiration !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post for such a worthy cause!

Come on by my blog to pick up an award! I am so glad you are on my list, I so appreciate your kind introduction the other day. I really enjoy your blog!


Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

vineeta- Thanks a lot:-) Glad you liked it and I had a great time putting it together:-)

You are very liberal with your words of appreciation.....I am just a beginner in photography and have a long way to go:-) THANKS AGAIN!

robyn- Thanks :-) Glad you liked it:-)

melissa- I really enjoyed your inspiring blog:-)
Thanks for such an honour:-)

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Lovely post Arch! Pink is always nectar for the eyes! :-)

I have said this before, and will say it again... do think about going professional' in photography! You are good!
I adore the header image (I have exactly the same kajal daan) :-)

rochambeau said...

Hey Arch,
Your new Header at the top looks magnificent, and sets off all of the other photos in this post nicely.

I wish you could know how much it means to me to have you share such beauty. Although I've not been to India, my house has always been filled with things from there. There is a certain feel of elegance mixed with handmade that speaks to me. Also, I have a coal pot like the one on your header! I even used powdered coal for awhile

Anonymous said...

each image is exotic, bas, I want to say this much! (And I know how much effort is put into it.)

Unknown said...

What a pinktastic and memorable post with a message! I absolutely love your blog! Reading it truly "enlivens my inner space"!

Gill said...

I am with Vineeta on this one.
Your new banner, to die for. Gorgeous! This post, beyond inspiring. Archana, you are to India as Maryam is to Morocco.
Your blog deserves a design award.
LOVE This place. And you!!!

Anonymous said...

I see you have a new banner. It looks great! Hot pink and orange, when paired, make me so happy. Maybe, I'll be bold enough to decorate a room around that theme in the near future. As always, your blog is lovely!

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Bhavna- Thanks:-) for your nice comment.Glad you liked the header image:-)

Constance- Thanks:-) I would love to see pics of your home..Please post them sometime on your blog:-)
wow, you used Surma(Kohl) powder? Wonderful!

Roma- Thanks for being such a great blogging friend:-)

Joanna- Thanks for your kind comment:-) Glad you liked it:-)

Blue- You are the best when it comes to complimenting just shows the beautiful person that you are:-)

monica- Thanks:-)You should definitely try out the pink/orange combination:-)

Anonymous said...

pink - strike! great images and i looove the contemporary style of dhruvi acharya! will go and check out her site

Latha said...

Love your new header banner Arch! I'm sure my daughter would love all this pink :-) Good post!


Hello from Canada. I'm going to feature you on my blog today. I just discovered you! Amazing.

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Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

belinda- Glad you liked the post:-)

Latha- Great to see you back:-)

liberty post editor- Thanks for your lovely introduction about 'Rang Decor'

Do drop by often:-)

Anonymous said...

Pink is the navy blue of India.....I will remember that statement.

pRiyA said...

oh my! GASP!!! i know i sound over excitable but this blog is SO utterly interesting as well.
i really dig your imaginative diwali decorations.

and thanks for this link to dhruvi acharya's work.