Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fab(ulous) India...

Most of us know about Fabindia and their colourful & vibrant range of clothes and home decor accessories.

Today let me take you inside one of their outlets in Chennai where the floor manager was kind enough to let me take some pictures inside. The entrance is in traditional Chettinad style with wooden pillars and tiled terracotta roof.
A rainbow of colours greet you when you enter. Colours, Patterns, Textures is all your mind can think. Shades of orange bed linen displayed along the stairs leading to the next level. Beautiful Athangudi Tiles & Wood form the stairs.
I completely love this 'Trial Room' door on which this woven fabric is mounted, there is a tiny mirror on the side.You'll find all the colours in the colour-wheel here. Now for some interesting finds from Fabindia...
Embroidered Booti Organdy Curtain motif.
Three Flowers Organdy Curtain motif on light-weight sheer cotton organdy.Chanderi Prakash Curtain motifs.
Kalam Jharokha Bedspreads in beautiful vegetable dyes.

Applique Organdy Phoolwari Bedspreads

Loads and loads of crafts from India used in Fabindia products. Explore Fabindia. You can buy their amazing products online.

( images from, interiors by Arch)


Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

As much as I love FabIndia's fabrics and home decor, I enjoy the shopping experience so much becuase of the way they design and do up each of their stores :)

katiedid said...

Great source! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I remember going to their Chennai store(One near Spencers right?). It was a treat to the eyes. Did they not have a furniture display? The last time I went, the store seemed almost like a mini home. Great post

Suma said...

Thanks for introducing FabIndia to me...can't wait to go to one their shops when I'm next in India....:-)

paris parfait said...

What beautiful, rich colours and wonderful designs! I would have to buy extra luggage to get it all home. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for leading me to your blog, wow! I want to jump in and wrap myself up in these warm colors and textures!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

I didn't know about Fabindia!
The colors and fabrics are sensational
Big merci

Anonymous said...

I love the fabrics...

Gill said...

I have had them bookmarked since you first mentioned them here on your blog.
I think now I will go order something, you have made me inspired to add colour! Thank you for sharing these awesome photos.

Vineeta said...

I just love FabIndia & what it had for Indian fabric- Its great that they let you take pics & that's giving me ideas- Will try & see if I have similar luck & If i do, I will post & the credit will go to u :)

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

bhavna- Thanks:-) You said it:-)

katie- Thanks and you are welcome:-)

smita- These pics are from fabindia in Besant Nagar, all their outlets are done up beautifully...Thanks:-)

shuma- Thanks and you should definitely visit Fabindia on your next trip to India.

Tara- Thanks for dropping by...:-)
Do buy many large'll need them:-)

Corey- Thanks for dropping have such a lovely blog:-)

Carol- Thanks and drop by often:-)

Blue- Great start buying:-)

vineeta- THanks:-)
I was so happy when the floor manager allowed me in Chennai...same thing I checked in Bangalore fabindia...she said it was against their rules...So all the best!

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

robyn- Glad you like them:-)

Anonymous said...

Great post, but unfortunately Fab India is no longer the Fab India it used to be! I recently went and much to my surprise came out of the store empty handed (first time in almost a decade i should say) their quality has gone down, they don;t carry the basic stuff they used to and the prices have gone up tremendously.