Friday, October 05, 2007

New Feature* - International Pick.

Yes, Rang-Decor is still the blog where you'll find 'Interior Ideas predominantly Indian'.'s just that there is a treasure trove of beautiful designs in the world that need to be explored. I am starting a new feature* where I'll be sharing exotic design ideas from outside India.

The Luangwa Safari House, all the way from Zambia, Africa. Luangwa Safari House is designed by Neil Rocher, not a trained architect but a much sought after camp designer. His designs blend in with nature and also are very comfortable & private.
Situated on Robin Pope’s Nkwali land. The main structure is made of ancient leadwood trees.
The open front of the room with large plunge pool is to die for... Stunning view of the wilderness from the deck and white peacocks join in for dinner. Large living room with giant sofas and stairs leading to the bedrooms on top.
The living room also houses a huge marble dining table. King-sized beds with mosquito net canopies...
Another room with a view and what a view it is* Sigh*Close up of stairs leading to the next level.
An evening shot of the living room with orange glow of sunlight painting the room.Sunlight pouring in through the huge windows onto comfy beds in one of the four bedrooms.

So why not plan an African Safari for your next international holiday and stay in one of these amazing houses and become one with nature...
My heart is already set on this one:-)


Gill said...

I love it!!! Archana you have outdone yourself. This is spectacular.
Forget my no dusting rule, I am off to clean now, I want my home to look more like THAT!!!

Vineeta said...

Way to go! This is fantastic! I absolutely loved that Bedspread & the deck picture! Superb pictures & it really recreates the place in your head. Looking forward to mosre such posts!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! Texture, color, flow, it has it all, beautiful post. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Arch,
You know how to pick them!
This is beautiful. My favorite parts is the shape of the house and how it is repeated with the pool and best of all the table top out side!!!

Anonymous said...

Great tour.

all*over*print said...

hi arch! this is absolutely dream house !

Anonymous said...

Love this post Arch !

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Blue- Thanks:-) I fell in love with it, the min I saw it:-)

vineeta- Thanks:-) Sure thing..more posts coming up;-)

susan- Thanks a lot:-)

constance-Thanks:-) YOu always have kind words to say..I really appreciate it:-)

britt-arnhild- Thanks:-)

all over print-Thanks a lot:-)

robyn- Thanks:-) Glad you liked it:-)

Anonymous said...

i want to be right there right now. thanks for your beautiful blog

Anonymous said...

A great Post! Absolutely delightful!!!

Would love have many more "New Features" Coming from you :-)

Kanchan :-)

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

pretycraftythings- Thanks:-) Do drop by often:-)

kanchan- Thanks:-) Sure you'll definitely see new, interesting things on Rang Decor;-)

Anne Marie said...

OMG. So much beauty. It should be a birth right to visit such a beautiful least once in your life. To live it, feel it, smell it...