Sunday, September 21, 2014

Creative Connections: Maheshwari Janarthanan.

Let's talk about my next Creative Connection: Maheshwari Janarthanan

She is an illustrator, an artist.
I had seen her work featured by many of my fellow design bloggers.
Simple, playful, magical and dream-like illustrations with subjects ranging from nature's flora to people.
I was piqued by her description of herself as a dreamer, mother-earth worshipper and healer.

Lady in the water...
K+S Wedding Invitation...

I was in Chennai, India visiting family in July-August this year and remembered that Maheswari lived in Chennai. I dropped her a line to check if she would like to catch up over a cup of chai. She was happy to meet and even suggested the venue, which I blogged about here.

A petite young lady, soft-spoken with a shy smile is how I would describe Maheswari. I instantly liked her. 

Maheswari says, "I believe my work is a mix of fantasy, mysticism and magic. It's a platform where I am able to express my thoughts and ideas about myself, the world around me and the world I want to live in.
A place where I can create my own fairytale and escape into my wonderland."

Love Poems…

"I love drawing people and most of my sketchbooks are filled with them(mostly women)."

We (I also met another talented artist there) spoke about our lives as creative individuals, things all three of us were seen nodding at, things about following our unique paths, our passions and our work.

Dreamer Tote Bags…

Apart from being a talented illustrator, she is a Pranic Healer. I have immense respect and admiration for people who help others. In a world where everyone is out to further their own interest here is a person who heals, who thinks about others.

Maheswari says, "The Universe' is my greatest inspiration especially 'underwater life' and 'space' these are things that calm my mind. I don't know whether I make sense but these are somethings that makes me both dream & be in the present at the same time."

The Sacred Journey...
"This illustration is about our journey, our experiences through many lives, many births.
God – Birth – Life – Experiences – Death – Reincarnation – Enlightenment – Oneness – God
I believe it’s a cycle, a process. We go through different lives, different experiences. We evolve, we become enlightened. We become One. We become God.
We are God."

As I dive deeper into this divine sea of her work, I find shimmering pearls that touch my heart and let's me understand this mystical, magic gold dust scattering artist.

Tree of Life…

The awakening...
Self realization / Nirvana - 'Kundalini Awakening' also known as 'Serpent Power' & the Lotus symbolizes Wisdom/ Divine spirit.

The beautiful Maheshwari Janarthanan.

A small photo-shoot with the Love Postcards she gifted me. A tribute to this gentle-soul, talented illustrator, whose work seems simple yet so profound.

Love Yourself…

Dreamer Tea Towel…

Eat. Love.

Dive into Love...

A series of 4 brightly coloured coasters…

 I love Rumi's work and here is an illustration by a kindred spirit, Maheswari.

This very aptly describes the Creative Connection.
"We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust.
The stars form a circle and in the centre we dance."
 ~ Rumi

You can find her work in her blog little one's doodles
Follow her on Facebook here
( Images style by Arch and Illustration by Maheswari Janarthanan. They are copyrighted)


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