Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Creative Connections: Introduction.

Are we meant to meet the people we meet?

A question I have asked myself many times and every time it's a yes!

Through the world wide web I have virtually 'met' many multi-talented, creative people.
Photographers, Artists, Designers, Stylists, Bloggers, Potters and some amazingly inspirational people who just inspire by the way they live life.

While you follow these people through their http// addresses, you understand their style of work, their inspirations, their passions and when you meet or rather when you are meant to meet them in the real world the connection is instantaneous.
A Creative Connection.
A connection that enriches, brings happiness and inspires.

I have blogged earlier about my meetings with Vineeta Nair, Artnlight, Aarohi Singh, Art By Aarohi and Priya Sebastian, Priya Sebastian Illustrations respectively.
….and as I browsed through those posts I realised that one word that was repeated many times was connection!

So here is the new feature. Creative Connections.
Where I will be featuring a creative individual whom I have personally met in the real world.
Through my eyes. My perspective. My lens.
Here are some beautiful women, inspiring women through my lens.

Effervescent  Aarohi Singh...

Beautiful Vineeta Nair...

Lovely Priya Sebastian with her dramatic work...

Hope dear Rang Decor readers will connect for the new feature: Creative Connections!

See you soon!

( Images by Arch)


Vineeta said...

It was amazing meeting you & what a ball we had - looking forward to a second time :) It will be interesting to see when that happens :)

Aarohi Singh said...

I have said this before and say it again... a large part of what I am today was that first connection with you many years ago. And yes- that connection was instantaneous when we met :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Feature! Looking forward to hearing more about your creative connections. That burst and spark when you meet like minded individuals who share your artistic spirit is quite something!
Best, Pacchai

Aalayam Inspiration said...

Cool! glad to see that you are writing more frequently. And omg!! your MN home! what a teaser you are Archana ! Please hurry up and feature more images from your gorgeous home.

And yes, looking fwd to creative connections.