Monday, September 17, 2012

The Cottage House, Minneapolis.

Our quest for finding the right kitchen table for our new home has yielded in some delightful treasures.

The Cottage House on Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis is one such.

Every month they open only for a couple of days unraveling some amazing vintage finds under different themes. This month it is French Country.

 The Cottage House owned by Ted & Tim has a team of designers who refurbish antique and vintage finds.

Funky yellow chairs hang from trees...

Chrysanthemums bloom along with whimsical metal blossoms...

Iron flower pot holders.

I stopped in my tracks at the entrance of The Cottage House when I saw this beautifully hand-painted floor poster  about Squashes.  I got to know later that Ted hand-paints the floors every month with different themes!

Ms. Ellie Rose English.

The peeling paint on the ceiling and the golden hue of the lit chandeliers was alluring...

The wooden shutters so reminded me of Calcuttan homes back in India.

This was one serene corner in the house.

Salvaged painted iron window grills.

Yes. Something I completely believe in.

It's a treasure trove for magical garden accessories.

Hand-painted brick flooring and a basket full of vintage crockery.

I longingly stood in front of this huge framed blackboard for a while and promised to come back soon for it:-)

A wonderful sunny Sunday spent in a delightful 'home decor market' called The Cottage House.

Do check out their website for their upcoming sale for October. You can also keep updated on their Facebook page 

(Images by Arch)


Priti said...

Hey, that's too beautiful cottage style..I love that chandelier and that bloom section the most. You are always up with something new in every post. I really appreciate your creativity. :)Thanks for sharing.

Pavani said...

I am a student and I love visiting the cottage house every month or two in order to revamp my tiny, cozy room. It's amazing that two things (your lovely blog and the charming cottage house) that I admire and love from different parts of the world are on the same platform! Thanks for the post. :)

Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story said...

Love these sort of stores. Was in one like this in our neck of the woods y'day. By the way, the chalkboard is an easy DIY project. You can get those vintage frames from thrift stores/yard sales/craigslist. Then all you need is a plywood cut to that shape, chalk board paint(available at Micheals), and spray paint for the frame.

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks everyone:-)

Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story~ :-) Yes, Blackboards are really simple to make, I was missing my big in-built chalkboard back in Bangalore:-)

Shweta said...

I love those yellow chairs :)