Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Some sunshine & a cup of tea... all the lovely readers of Rang Decor.
It's been a month since we moved from Bangalore. I understand Labour Day here in the US marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

 As I type in the words on my post I can see a shower of leaves gently glide down trees, landing softly on grass that is much duller than before. There seems to be some kind of quickened activity among the squirrels, chipmunks, and birds of different kinds that I am yet to identify.

I picked up some bright sunflowers from the Minneapolis Farmer's market.

After clicking I realized that it was so similar to this shot which I clicked back in Bangalore.

Everything seems different yet somehow similar:-)

Have a great day everyone. Promise to be back soon!


Samatha said...

Hello Arch!
I have been a silent follower of your blog since long and first of all welcome to US.
My home decor in Atlanta was inspired from your home. I tried getting as much as "Indian"ness possible when I was decorating my home. Love the sunflowers and the mums. I have lots of them blooming in my yard was planning to use them all :-) for bright and yellow cheeriness in the fall.

zobars said...

good to have you back and I don't know if you received my comment previously but welcome to USA still loving all the posts.

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks Sam:-)

zobars~ Yes, I got your previous comment. Thanks for the warm welcome:-)

Juhee said...

Hey Arch,
WELCOME to the US.I have been following your blog for more than 2years......Not only am I a huge fan of your work/pics and asthetic sense....the blog has been therapeutic for me......and each time I visit your blog it fills me up with a certain Indian warmth....much like the Sunflowers above!

Unknown said...

Nice to see the new posts Archana, have been following your posts for a long time now and just love the Indian touch you add. every time I come here I go back with a feel that I should bring back more of India to my own home. The sunflowers definitely add a bright feel and good cheer.

Reshma at said...

Welcome to North America. Sep 1, marks the day when I first came to Canada from Bangalore. Love your blog posts! They are very refreshing!

notyet100 said...

Such a cute post,,,:)

Anonymous said...

Hey.. this is so refreshing.. Loved your blog..:)

Maria said...

Wonderful blog I found here. Have borrowed a picture from you. Of course, with the name of your blog. This is where I come back to find inspiration. Many hugs from Maria in Sweden

Riniki said...

Archana, I'm always so inspired by your posts! Your interiors leave such lovely stories- of places, people and time. Awesome!

Deb said...

I so look forward to seeing Minneapolis through your eyes and camera lens! We lived there for 4 years before moving to Chicago. Miss it! We especially miss that Minneapolis Farmers Market, was so fun to visit on weekends. We lived in Bloomington just off France Ave. Welcome to the Midwest!!