Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Art & Crafts of India #5: Madhubani Paintings

'Madhubani' is one of my favourite arts from IndiaWould have covered this art sometime in the future, but on the suggestion of 'Rang Decor' reader Nivedita I decided to feature it today :-)

Madhubani Painting also known as Mithila Painting. Legend has it that King Janak of Mithila in Bihar commissioned artists to make paintings at the time of the wedding of his daughter Sita to Lord Rama.( Lord Krishna dancing on the head of Kaliya the snake)

Madhubani Paintings are usually done on freshly plastered mud walls of homes in Mithila. Vegetable dyes are used in the paintings and the skills are passed on from one generation to the next.
Goddess from'Midst the Ocean' by Bharti Dayal
Interesting simple black & white Madhubani painting on handmade paper.

Some decor ideas using Madhubani painting... A whole wall painted by artist Shivan Paswan at art connoisseur Rajshree Pathy's home. ( Lovely!)
Colourful bulls and red flower compliment the mutli-coloured Madhubani Painting in Mallika's room.
Group together small Madhubani Paintings

You can bring in this colourful art into your home not only in the form of paintings but also home accessories like magazine holders, napkin holders, lamps etc.
Paper-mache' Madhubani magazine holderMy favourite Madhubani Napkin Holder.

Today I am featuring one of my very talented Flickr friends arty_zen from Singapore. She does Madhubani paintings on mundane things and converts them into pieces of art.
A hand fan converted into a lovely piece of art
A plain lampshade gets transformed into a luminous glowing Madhubani art.
Colourful coasters that would enliven any space:-)
Wonderful colour combinations.

Another beautiful art of India that can bring colours into your lives...

(some images from, dayalbharti & arty_zen on flickr and the rest by Arch)


swagota said...

hi archana! i first noticed your 'house' in decor8 and now visited your blog. loved your work and your daughter's picture ;-) we are moving to our new home in bangalore in 2 weeks. i don't know much about shops there. i wish to have a traditional indian decor at my place and need to shop accordingly. it's a small aprtment but our first home!!! would you share some tips please?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful arts and crafts post. Lovely images, thank you for all of the info.

Anonymous said...

madhubani in b& w , did not know before.
I absolutely love the photograph of Mallika's room, you know that!
Your friend arty_zen's lampshade is too beautiful.

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

suman- Thanks a lot:-)
I love traditional decorating ideas from India and share most of it here in Rang-Decor. I post about interesting shops, styles & ideas that inspire me. So do drop by often:-) Apart from that if you have any specific queries feel free to mail me at

Kanchan- Thanks :-)

robyn- Thanks a lot:-)

Roma- :-) Thanks :-)
Do click on arty_zen link there are some very interesting images there:-)

Lady Prism said...

Such energy! Everything is absolutely just lovely! :>

Anonymous said...

Never knew these paintings were known as madhubani paintings. I wish I could take some sort of classes and learn this art.

Anonymous said...

Such decorative and colorful art! I love the wall mural, and the cute little elephant coaster.

Vineeta said...

Madhubani is just awesome! thanx for sharing so many beautiful examples. I have some 3 madhubanis on my walls- will share them. I love that art of the week pic u post on the right- Its such a nice idea :)

Latha said...

Very beautiful Arch! Love Rajshree pathy's home - the wall and the decor look so beautiful and tranquil! Loved u're magazine holders, coasters, napkin holder and mallika's room!
Very creative.
And loved arty_zen's pieces, such a gift to have so much talent!
Thanks for sharing!

nivedita said...

Archana, thanks so much for sharing your ideas on the "Madhubani" artform. Its so wonderful to enjoy this beautiful Indian folk art, at home, every day!


Anonymous said...

Dear Arch,
I'm so glad we have met! I am attracted and interested in the art and fabrics from India, and you are introducing me to new types of art like Madhubani painting. Would you consider Madhabani folk art? Is it always found on walls?
I'm still at my Mom's for a few more weeks. I showed her your daughters art. She is also very impressed.

Gill said...

Arch I love these! Midst the Ocean being my favourite...!
I had never seen nor heard of these before. I am going to look for some, when I am in Little India next time.

Unknown said...

Thank-you for your recent comment on my Blog. I enjoy you blog and learning more about your lifestyle in India. I have included you as a link on my blog:
Happy Blogging

katiedid said...

Hello Archana!
Oh I just love the beautiful wall mural photo!

madelyn said...

How lighthearted and joyful it is!

I particularly loved the
goddess and the lampshade -
the napkin holder would make
any table happy too:)

oh and couldn't help but smile
at your little princess's
gerber in a jar:)

Anonymous said...

I love the elephant plate.
I know India is huge with alot of different areas. What will I find when I go to Mysore next year?

Julie at Belle Vivir said...

I totally love that room with that gorgeous wall painted. Great post.

Anonymous said...

oh, i love this all, perfect timing! i was in london last weekend and actual bought 3 madhubani paintings on ladkta paper. the india now festival is still going on. there was a regent street festival - and some handicraft stands.

Justina said...

WOW !!! That art is amazing :-D. I love how they draw the eyes

Fenny Setiawan said...

I love those colorful motive and beutiful painting.... too bad here in Malaysia not much those art work, Only once a year during deepavali festival some of Indian art seller will come to Malaysia attend the anual bazar, but never bring such art work too :(

Fenny Setiawan said...

Color spice up our life :) nice art works.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hello archana,
its arty zen! wonderful design blog,lovely images.very colorful.
thanks for featuring my madhubani works.wonderful presentation.
your other posts i will be have presented very nicely indian arts and crafts.great work.all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi !
Was looking for some info on the Madhubani style and landed here.VERY interesting stuff here.
Happy Holidays :)

Vivek said...

I just came across your blog and I absolutely love the artwork! Haribol!


Anonymous said...

Its a nice way to present this art of madhubani to the rest of the world. I am a madhubani painter myself. here is a link to view my paintings. i would appreciate comments on - 53k

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone in Singapore who can teach this art?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your post on Madhubani paintings, the pix are fabulous! I wrote about Madhubani paintings some time back on a website on conscious living, Could I possibly use some of your pix there? Also, if you could check out the article and post some feedbck on the discussion page, it would be great.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Geetanjali

Anonymous said...

amazing wall with the madhubani painting. can anyone pt me to the artist and how much it would cost

Roshni said...


Its possible that you already know about this seems to be a word-by-word copy of your post!