Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sangolda, Goa

Sangolda in Goa is a 200 year old portuguese mansion owned by Claudia, a German Fashion Stylist and her Mumbai-bred husband Hari Ajwani.This mansion houses hand-picked exquisite pieces sourced from Gujarat, Rajastha & Kerala in India as well as abroad.

Antique wooden furniture in colonial & ethnic styles, table linen, bed & bath linen, tableware, brass artifacts, wooden almirahs, everything finds a space in this beautiful mansion.Beautiful courtyard with huge iron urlis, layered lamp & bright yellow paint...
Amazing space with exquisite artifacts & antiques...I am completely in love with this antique 5 headed Hanuman ( very unusual)
Wooden furniture, cushions, home linen fill this airy space.Functional display of lifestlye items. Love the terracotta floor tiles...

So next time you visit Goa, do put 'Sangolda' in your to-visit list:-)

( images from Indian Design- Daab)


Sheila said...

Since I'm not likely to ever be fortunate enough to visit Goa, thank you for this post. Fantastic colour & the architecture is wonderful, so interesting and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I so love and crave for the courtyards! Well Arch, the Hanuman is really unusal. Great dig!

madelyn said...

I think I caught sight of
a lotus candle holder -
I collect them:)

My eye was drawn to the windows and
light - and the simple elegant
use of color in the rooms.


Anonymous said...

Dear Arch,
Just Beautiful! Did you actually take these photos? I like the colors especially.

Vineeta said...

I LOVE THE COURTYARD!!!! beautiful post. thanx so much for sharing this place. Simply lovely!

Gill said...

See, us Portuguese and you from India go together quite well!!! I knew there was a deeper connection :)
All the photos are beautiful, in fact, I am off to rearrange a few things now, so if you'll excuse me, I will just stay logged on to here a little bit longer to make reference to some of those gorgeous photos.....!
(Hope to get to India one day.)

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

I love the feel of old restored homes - whether portugese or dutch (goa or pondicherry)...there is history in every nook and corner. The red stone floors, whitewashed walls (apparantly the wall paints also had the white of eggs mixed in to give the walls a beautiful pearl glow!), antique knick knacks - sigh!

btw: I completely adore the Indian Design coffee table from Daab...whenever I run out of new books to read, I pick up this book again and browse through the beautiful images :)

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

sheila, designflute, maddie- Thanks a lot..glad you liked it :-)

Constance- Thanks:-) I didn't take these pics..these are from one of my fav books on India called India Design:-)

vineeta- Thanks:-)

Blue-Thanks...yes I think we do have a connection there;-))
Hope you make it to India soon:-)

Bhavna- Thanks:-) Yes...I am amazed at old archtecture and the effort put in by people to restore it:-)
I absolutely love 'Indian Design- by is one of my fav's:-))

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the beautiful blog, thanks for finding me & linking gardenrooms. I love your style!

Anonymous said...

Old Mansion, Brassware, antiques, French windows and terracotta floor is a winning combination.

Something that can never go wrong.

Lovely Post!


PS: Loved the Hanuman :-)

housemartin.typepad said...

I love that marigold color along the ceiling in the first picture - really lovely!

purple area said...

Great images. Looks beautiful!

katiedid said...

OH Beautiul! I especially love the courtyard in all it's wonderful simplicity.

Turquoise said...

How beautiful!!!
Thank you for sharing!

72 and sunny said...

it's so beautiful. i can just tell that these places have a perfumie exotic scent. visually, the colors are a explosive. it's something with the light. does the light inspire this, or the culture?

Dithi said...

Sangolda was one of our favourite haunts when we visited Goa, lovely place and stunning stuff---- btw, there is an exact 5 headed hanuman that sits in Kalighat in front of one of the sweet shops, will email you snaps Archana. Post is beautiful and makes me nostalgic!