Friday, November 21, 2014

MN Home Feature: Framed memories.

A guessing game ensued on my facebook page after I posted the photograph of this hot pink package that came from India last fall.

Now for the story…
Do Rang Decor readers remember the 'A tea party for three...' post about the creative get-together with the super-talented artists Aarohi Singh & Priya Sebastian before I left Bangalore in 2012.

Aarohi Singh gifted me her signature tea kettle with my favourite Frangipani flowers and Chai painted on it.

Priya Sebastian brought me the most beautiful yellow Liliums that day and she being the amazing illustrator that she is, she went ahead and illustrated the tea party in her bold artistic style!

I was blown away by this artistic rendition of our tea party. 

I wanted her work along with Aarohi's kettle to be part of our home here in Minnesota. 
So wrapped in her signature colour of hot pink paper came four vibrant prints of the illustrations of the tea party. 

A cosy corner in our Minnesota home is now a space that displays framed memories of the beautiful afternoon spent with friends.
The work of two artists I admire forms a lovely composition on this wall. 

Side view of the paintings and a vintage cast iron holder for the kettle.

A space dedicated to friends, chai, frangipanis and the warm memories…

Many quiet afternoons have been spent on this rocking chair, with a cup of hot tea, looking at the vibrant colours enveloping me:-)

Thank you Aarohi & Priya. Your art is a blessing and is deeply appreciated in our humble abode.

(Images by Archana Srinivas. Please do not use without permission)


Anonymous said...

wow @ the illustrations and the kettle.
wow @ the rocking chair
wow @ the wall stand
and the warm colors of that cosy corner...

Absolutely loved the images. TFS!


Marisa said...

Beautiful! What lovely mementos of your tea party.

Charukesi said...

pretty, pretty! Archana. I love how you manage to make your home in cold cold Minnesota so warm :)

TaNuja said...

These were beautiful


aartirathodartandmore said...

You have given the tea party such a special display. I love the way you've done up this corner. Says so much about your friendship.

Unknown said...

"Very nice Illustrations.
Loved it.

Aalayam Inspiration said...

And that is exactly what good home should about - treasuring things that hold meaning and bring joy!

cannot wait to see other corners of your home!