Sunday, August 01, 2010


Seaside Savvy Quilt
Here I was sitting with a huge mug of ginger chai, nursing a sore throat and fever when I received an email from Seema of Attiser.
Seema shared a mesmerizing collection of hand-block printed linens & bedding with me and I must admit, the colours were so beautiful, it just completely lifted my spirits and I just had to feature their products on Rang Decor.
Sweet Nothings Quilt

Seema specifies that in their collection of handcrafted bedding and linens they have tried to create a unique look by combining handmade Indian block-print with country style decor and adding new contemporary colors to come up with a new, fresh, airy and bright look that can be defined as a fusion look.

They have a range of home decor products~ Bedspreads, Quilts, Table Covers, Curtains, Cushion Covers, Napkins, Placemats and even Moleskine Books

Sage Midori Table Napkins
Southern Nights Table Napkin
Sweet Nothings Table Cover
Amethyst Amore Table Cover
Seaside Savvy Cushion Cover
Amethyst Amore Cushion Covers

Attiser's mission so beautifully worded~

Kindling Passion in Color, Discovering Beauty in Imperfections
Crafting artisan-quality products, to bring unique beauty to our world.
Transforming ordinary homes with extraordinary handmade creations.
Empowering our community through fair and ethical trade.

Wooden block with intricate design
Quilting process

Do visit Attiser and pick up some handcrafted colourful beauties for your home.

(images from Attiser)


Sharon said...

what lovely pieces - I marvel at the fact that paisleys and blocks are so commonplace, yet so elegant and rare...go figure!

Resh said...

Very beautiful collection!!

Domestic Goddess said...

very beautiful collection. Will sure check out their site. Thanks for sharing Arch. You take good care of your health.

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Sharon~ So true:-)

Resh~ Thanks:-)

Suman~ Thank you:-) Yes, I feel better already!

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

How very pretty! I specially like their seaside collection.

Add a pinch of black pepper to the ginger tea...does wonders :)

My Dream Canvas said...

their seaside collection is gorgeous!

My Dream Canvas said...

their seaside collection is fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better... This is a gorgeous post.. All their stuff is awesome.. I like the blocks... :-)

Anonymous said...

These are lovely and more contemporary.

saffronmarigold said...

Thanks for sharing, just lovely...the pictures are beautiful too...heading there right now to leave a comment.



AnuG said...

Sweeps u away! So simple and beautiful. But they seem over priced!

baby crib said...

The designs are superb. You will never see anything like that in any other blog. I wish I can have at least one of those amazing stuff.

Unknown said...

Those textures and colours are amazing :)

hera k said...

Lovely colours and lovely quilts. They've got sucha cool summery feel to them. Very refreshing!