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Rang Decor Readers Creative Spaces: VIII

Wishing all you lovely readers a very Happy New Year, 2010! It's going to be a great year with lots to share with all of you. We just got back from a beautiful trip to Rajasthan, so stay tuned for loads on havelis, palaces, forts and sand dunes:-)

Lets get the ball rolling with a brand new post on Rang Decor Readers Creative Spaces.

Karthik Vaidhyanathan
Karthik Vaidhyanathan is from Chettinad in Tamil Nadu and having grown up in a typical Chettinad house with loads of kitsch and colours, he wanted to incorporate these elements in his 1420 sqft new apartment home in Bangalore.The Chettinad influences are the 7ft arched windows, that he found when St. Josephs college on Brigade road, Bangalore was being demolished. They fitted in perfectly into what was once a balcony cum utility area. He also made a small tinnai (seating besides the windows).
Karthik continues, 'I converted this to become a loungy relaxing sit-out kinda space for entertaining friends and family.'
Karthik picked up these ceramic chettinad tiles from a shop in Pondicherry and has used it for a coffee table. This is inspired by the traditional 'Mannai' which is used during wedding
Karthik explains, "I wanted to convert the open dining space into a study cum work area and wanted to isolate it through the use of two pillars. Did the rounds of antique markets and shops but found them too expensive or too elaborate for a flat. Finally landed up at Vermilion House in Bangalore, wherein I saw two pillars with Yaali sculpted motif at the top
(Yaali is a mythical creature, that with the face of a lion, the tusks of an elephant and the body of a serpent or ‘makara’ another mythical creature. The Yaalis are prominent in many a south Indian temple as sculptures on the walls or pillars, since the 16th century and they are believed to guard the temple. They are supposed to be more powerful than a lion or elephant)

"I also saw two pillars in teak with a floral pattern at the top; these are typically found in Kerala Home. These again really appealed to me. I picked up all four. The remaining two ‘floral’ pillars became the entrance to my kitchen, right opposite to the study."
"I have opened up the kitchen on all sides. As a result one can see through the entire length of the house. Have kept the kitchen in contemporary white and steel to break away the colour all around.
Have converted one of the corners of the kitchen into a 'work' area with a table and a white bar stool from ikea. Helps me work on my laptop as I catch some T.V. "
The low-rise square dining table with a low hanging light is one of the first pieces of furniture that Karthik got custom-made around 6 years ago at 100ft boutique in Indiranagar. The installation on top is the ‘people tree’ from Mukul Goyal in Delhi.
The showcase near the dining table houses lovely antique enamelware tiffin carrier, teapot etc and some very precious family heirlooms.
The whole house has lovely handmade Athangudi tile flooring.
View from the living room
The two chairs in the ‘sit-out’ are of rosewood and were picked up from Bamboo Market in Bangalore, a place where one often gets to see old antique stuff of houses that have been demolished. All it took to restore them was some cane-work and polish. A dash of colour through the pillows from Good Earth and one in a similar ‘Rajasthan’ theme from Rattan stores in Delhi.
The workspace cabinets and shelves have been made by Karthik's local carpenter. The knobs on them in various shapes and colours are antiques.
A peek into his bedroom:-)

Karthik's love and passion for his home comes across so beautifully through these pictures.

All the best Karthik, enjoy your new home. Thanks for sharing these creative corners of your home with readers of Rang Decor.

P.S. If you have any questions for Karthik, do mail it to


kajal said...

Hey Karthik.. it's a beauuutiful home.. and thx to Arch for bringing this home to us :) What's the super built up of your apartment? I'm always skeptical about pillars when it comes to apartments.I have a small apartment but this post has made me rethink..

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Hi Kajal- Sorry forgot to mention it in the post:-) It is a 1420 sqft.

jyotsna said...

hi karthik..lovely house!those pillars are really good . thanks archna for showing another beautiful house to us.

Oishee said...

Beautiful home. And a really good choice of post.

Few questions: How much did it cost to get the pillars and the French Windows?

I really like the table.

Archana, do you have any suggestions for low seatign arrangements. Looking at low-cost comfort for a couples' first home.

DesignTalk said...

Thanks archana for posting the pics.

Hey Kajal! thanks for the compliments. The idea is to get 'light-weight' pillars - many in the market are the heavier ones which are more suited for indpt houses and typically work as foundation. The pillars at my place are more for ornamental sake.

Sudha said...

beautiful....loved the reclaimed windows.... :)

DesignTalk said...

the pillars can cost anywhere from 8000 to 25000 depending on the amt of wood used. These costed in the range of 8 to 10k - vermillion house has some lovely light pillars in this price range. The windows were picked up just few hours after the building got demolished . The same hence costed very less - aroundRs 7500 each. They are close to 90years old and in pure burma teak which you dont get these days.

amna said...

gorgeous! absolutely loved the fusion factor and the floors. Have two questions:

1. Do the floors need polishing every once in a while?

2. How much did you spend roughly on renovating the old stuff from houses taken apart?

Anonymous said...

lovely house..
Arch, we have tubelights at home and I want to replace them with some yellow light to give a more cozy and mellow look. Are there any env friendly options? I don't want to switch to the normal bulbs. Tubelights and CFLs are energy efficient which is why I have stuck to them for the timebeing. Do you think CFLs inside yellow shades would achieve the purpose?

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Nidhi- CFLs are the best options and we have used 'Warm' yellow CFLs in our home:-)

sher khan said...

Awesome house Karthik. Iloved that old feel it had :-)

One questions. Where is Bamboo Market in Bangalore? I've been looking around for a cane papasan chair. Wonder whether i'll get it there.

Unknown said...

Thanks Archana for putting up this post. I have been regularly reading up your posts and have been super impressed, so much so, I think and try to decorate like you here at our US house also :)

We have just purchased an apartment in Bangalore and I used to think that the area was too small to decorate. However, thanks to Karthik, I have new confidence. Thanks a lot Karthik for having sent your snaps to Archana. I am sure a lot of readers like me will be more inspired now!

Karthik, I love the tiles that you have put in. Did you have the builder put in the tiles for you? Or did you have to pull out the existing tiles?

Thanks once again,
Lakshmi i

DesignTalk said...

Hi all

Thanks for the compliments. just to answer some of the questions -

Bamboo market is located in fraser town. but one needs to make multiple visits and if lucky you can find some great stuff. Another great antique place is Vermillion house located at cleveland road and also an antique dealer by name Mr. Ramchandran who's located near ulsoor. I can pass on the nos to interested people. These guys are reliable guys and will not cheat you.

On the athangudi tiles - yes i had to get the existing tiles pulled out before laying new ones; with the help of a contractor. The athangudi tiles have to be laid down by experienced chettinad masons. The mason that i got was quite a nightmare so i would not recommend dealing with him. Each tile is handmade so it take around 2 months to get the tiles done. The masons will come down and lay it for you. One such organisation that works towards preservation of chettinad heritage is MRM foundation - they have their office in Chennai where they have an impressive collection of athangudi tiles. their contact details are available online. They can lay down the tiles for you and hopefully they would be more professional about it. Athangudi tiles are prone to scratches very easily and the laying is also a bit uneven. So if you are looking for the old lived-in feel then these are perfect else not for those who want 'prim-n-proper' kinda flooring. However they are very low-maintenance. Just plain cleaning with water is all that it needs. Its said that that the tiles gets better with age and regular cleaning. Also these tiles make the floor very cool especially in winters.

On renovating - well the antique dealers usually quote with the cost of renovation/restoration included since they are the best to restore it. The trick is to go to the right guys who are in it not just for the money but also because they are passionate about it. I have had a few bad experiences too.

Preeti Kashyap said...

lovely house arch!

kavitha said...

Wow Arch. This is super.
I was getting all excited that I managed to install 2 pillars... and this apt if filled with them!!!

Anonymous said...

oh Arch.. what a lovely post.. Just yesterday I was talking to my hubby about having pillars in between our dining and living room area... So this is a great post for me..

When I came back from Jaipur in August... all I wanted was an old haveli... a few pillars... some windows... and I can go on...

Ann said...

Happy New Year, Arch - love your site and looking forward to even more excellent inspiration from you.

Congrats Karthik on your wonderful apt!

Tina said...

Lovely house Karthik. A request - can I have the no of your local carpenter. Love the shelves he has made for you.

Vineeta said...

WOW! Its great to see someone who takes pains to achieve this effect. Reading the comments section has been a complete education for me. thanx Archana for sharing this beautifulk space with us & Karthik, you've really been patient about building your beautiful home and also about answering each query here :)

Arch, I can't wait to see the Rajasthan posts! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the windows!

indian yarn said...

kajal, you can get hollow pillars made ( thus you will have the flexibility of determining the lenght and the width of the pillars ) and cover it with wooden veneer if you want a wooden feel or paint it in the color you want. there are some painters who could also marbalise ( with paint) the hollow pilllar.

karthik - WoW ! Very well thought -
has ikea come to india ?

Someone said...

Hi Archana/Karthik/All

Wonderful to see this. Totally inspiring :)
We are planning to purchase an 18-year old apartment and renovate it to make a beatiful home. Has someone any experience buying old apartment? What are the precautions we need to take? Is it worth the investment?

DesignTalk said...

Hi Tina

Glad you liked the shelves, i had made sketches of the same and given to my carpenter. I can email you the no of the carpenter if you could pls share your email id with me...however i must warn you that he, like most carpenters is not very reliable and needs intense follow-ups. rgds

kajal said...

Thx Karthik for answering all the questions so patiently and in such detail.
BTW can I have Mr Ramchandran's number?
Also Karthik, who did your coffee table? Even I have some beautiful tiles but dont know anybody who can do the same for me?
And after going through the pics I just wish I could see your beautiful home in person :)

DesignTalk said...

Hey Kajal!

Thanks. Mr. Ramchandran can be contacted at 09342251413. He runs an antique shop called 'curios something' which is on the road that runs next to commercial street and joins thoms bakery in fraser town; a small shop with a watchmaker sitting outside. I had picked up these tiles from pondicherry and gave the design to Mr. Ramchandran. He got it done from restored teak wood...he's a bit expensive but his carpenter is fantastic. They will show you the same at the different stages and deliver within a week-10days.

Pls feel free to drop in at home to take a look...i am hoping archana will make a trip too :-)


Madhavi said...

Thank you Archana and kartik for showing beautiful home .Love your home kartik! especially the well lit kitchen .While buying our flat we had to go for an extra door frame for the kitchen even though we did not want to just because of the vastu number after seeing yours I feel why we could not think of opening up the other side.Fantastic idea kartik.
I also loved the light weight pillars in your home.Thank you for sharing the info abt pillars.Yor answers to all the comments was educative.
Can u share some more info abt bamboo market and antique dealer Mr.Ramachandran.I was assuming the cane shops in Shivaji nagar area as Bamoo market.Thanks to you .Now I knew there is one near fraser town.I also want to know about how/where to get tiles done onto a wooden coffee table in Bangalore.Any good Antique or carpenters near Indira nagar area in your knowledge?

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Hey Karthik,

So when are you inviting us for a cup of chai or should it be filter kaapi;-)?

Zo-Ya said...

Hey Karthik, Congratulations on doing up such a lovely home!! We just bought an apartment and are getting it renovated- only basic civil work so that we can move in soon- can imagine the excitement and passion that has gone into this!Beautiful.Btw why do you have the shade beneath the 'people tree' -the people tree looks lovely but looks like the lights are stealing the looks..or may be its just me thinks that way!
Lovely home once again!

padmamanasa said...

Lovely House karthik, I could not get enough of seeing the pics.

Great blog Arch. I keep waiting for your post almost always:) I do not get enough of your posts either!

Any idea where we can get restored furnitures available in bangalore (reliable ones) at reasonable cost?

Vij said...

Hey Archana
Happy new year to you!
Lovely pictures of Karthik's house. Impressive one. Is there an Ikea in India? I love the collections in Ikea. My flat under construction is 1350sq ft. I was wondering how to make it look big and spacious. The open kitchen, dining and living space was always on my mind and after seeing Karthik's beaauuuutifuuuul house I am convinced I can go ahead with my ideas and increase functionality of the entire space.

1. Are they any places in Chennai to purchase those pillars?
2. Can the windows be made-to-order to a carpenter?
3.How did you get the coffee table odne?

Simran Arora said...

Hi Kartik,
BEAUTIFUL HOME ! there any way one can get in touch with you to get details about the pillars, getting them installed ...etc?



DesignTalk said...

Hey arch! pls come over on any weekend for a kaapi. I would love to see your home too sometime. It would be lovely if we could form an offline bangalore group of interior design lovers to get together and discuss design :-)

DesignTalk said...

Hey Madhavi – Like i said, i got the coffee table done from Mr. Ramchandran, a local antique dealer.
Some good antique haunts like i said earlier are – (1) Bamboo market or bamboo bazaar as it is called is located in fraser town- very easy to find. It has a serious of shops run by the local muslims (most people in the antique/demolition business are muslimes) . One really needs to keep looking to find the right stuff. I did find a shop there run by a guy named yousuff who had fairly better stuff compared to the others. These guys are also demolishers; so they usually keep getting stuff on a daily basis. One needs to make multiple visits and bargain really hard. Also take along someone who understands wood to ensure that you make the right selection. (2) Vermillion House (in fact Archana had written a beautiful piece on them earlier) – This is run by a lady by name Mrs. Uma Rao who is an avid collector and a wonderful lady; is obviously very passionate about it and is upfront and honest. Their contact no – 080-41225830. Speak to Ms. Jayanthi who handles the store. (3) Mr. Ramchandran who has a fairly large storehouse/ godown where he can show you his wares. Have mentioned his contact nos earlier. (4) There is a shop called ‘Geethanjali’ on 12th main in indiranagar that is the Bangalore branch of the headoffice in Pondicherry. They have been in the business for many years and have a great collection- but it’s expensive. So if you have deep pockets knock yourself out  (5) 12th main indiranagar also has a shop by name ‘MAsuri Sana’ which is quite popular in Chennai from what i hear. They have a section of antique furniture – but these are not restored but fairly new furniture done in antique style. Some good finds available there too. (6) Pondicherry ECR on the Chennai-pondicherry route has some good shops, i definitely found the prices cheaper than Bangalore. But there is the added risk of getting them transported to the city. (7) There is a lovely shop called cotton wood off mission street in Pondicherry itself – they have some lovely stuff and reasonably priced. I found some restored 4 poster beds in teak for Rs 18000 and single beds for Rs 10,000. They are also reliable in terms of getting it transported to Bangalore (at addn costs of course).

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Hey Karthik,
Wonderful home and well planned lay out.I dont think i need to say that you have done it gorgeously,u know it.I have been reading the comments section,You are too patient enough to read each comment and reply and also building your home.
Archana:Happy New Year to you,and thanks as always for the wonderful posts and inspiration.

DesignTalk said...

thanks lakshmi...its a pleasure to answer the posts. and thanks to archana for building such an involved community !

Someone said...

Hi Karthik

Saw the MINT article today covering this renovation project. It was also mentioned that you purchased a 11-yr old flat in Cooke's Town and renovated it. I am planning to do something similar with an 18-yr old flat. I would want to understand what to look out for when buying an old flat. Could you share your email ID here? Alternatively you can also mail me at

kajal said...

Hey Karthik.. saw your home covered in Mint.. Congratulations!

DesignTalk said...

thanks kajal

soupi said...

very inspirational and informative

RK said...

Fantastic home Karthik, congratulations! Few men (unless they are passionate about design/decor - rare breed) would come up with these brilliant ideas. I am impressed with your generosity and patience in sharing all the details/numbers etc of your contractors/carpenters. Now, I only wish I was in India to get stuff done. Not possible in the US!

DesignTalk said...

Hi Vijay

Am not exactly an expert on old houses...but will try to asnwer based on my own experience. Personally I prefer old homes since they usually are of a much better construction quality. In my case i was very clear that there should not be any cracks on the walls or any leakage on the ceilings including bathrooms. Its a good idea to talk to the neighbours in that bldg which i did. Another critical thing is to talk to the bldg association in-charge and figure out how active they are, old bldgs need strong and active maintenance. A bad association spells doom! And finally if your apartment is in bangalore, then do make it a point to check out the basement (if there is one) and enquire if it floods in the rains. Hope that was useful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Archana & Kartik,
Thanks for sharing your beautiful abode with all of us ! The article and ofcourse the comments are very informative :)
Both your houses are so beautiful that I really wish I could drop by to see :)


H said...

Beautiful home Karthik and Thanks Archana for putting it up on your blog.

Pillars, floors, windows ...everything looks awesome! Very inspiring and informative :-)

DesignTalk said...

thanks all for the appreciation. If anyone is looking for some work to be done in Bangalore, then pls use the services of my contractor Ramu - very pleasant to deal with and does a fine job. He can be reached at 9448227939 and is looking for work.

madhavi said...

Thank you kartik for the elaborative reply.i made note of the places.

Someone said...

Thank you, Karthik. That helps :)

Laksh said...

Hi Arch and Karthik,

I really admire you both for the explosive creativity of your ideas.
I am a regular at Rang Decor. Please do continue posting, your blog is such a pleasure to visit!
Arch / Karthik - I am looking for one of those antique chests with the brass hinges. Any idea where these can be found and how much it would cost approx?
Karthik - Can you please give me the number of your carpenter, if possible?

Thanks a ton!

Warm regards,


Aarthi said...

this house is so so beautiful.
Great work Karthik,thanks Archana for bringing it to us

DesignTalk said...

My carpenter's name is Nanjappa. He can be reached at 9740539606.He's capable of good work but pls note that you will need to keep a check on his work constantly :-). If there's any kitchen work involved, then my suggestion is to find the carpenters from rajasthan as they are much more detail-oriented and work better with laminates. There is one more carpenter, Kishore - 9342839377. I havent worked with Kishore but he has done some neat kitchen work in a friends place. Hope that helps for all those who wanted my carpenter's no.

Unknown said...

even comes the museum feeling

Sangeetha said...

Hi Arch,

Happy new year to you ! Karthik its indeed a beautiful home.Thanks so much for the tour :)


Shalini said...

What a wonderful home. I love the windows and seat below. Such a feeling of warmth created through little touches everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

Rakhi Janardhanan said...

hi Karthik,

As mentioned by all the house is really beautiful. I really loved your study table and would like to get a similar one made. Do let me know if you could share the design. My email id is
thanks Archana for the lovely post..

Rakhi Janardhanan said...

for antique stuff there is also a lady called Bharthi near Rain Tree..she is adorable and her pieces are very reasonably priced. her number is 9845017548..hope this number is useful to all the antique lovers.she meets people by appointment only

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks a lot Karthik for
~ sharing your lovely home with us.
~ interacting with the lovely readers of Rang Decor
~ patiently answering their queries.

I am sure the readers loved this lovely house tour!

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Simply wonderful!You took a lot of care decorating and building your hom, and it shows.Home should reflect ones personality.Thank you for showing us your abode.

Rekha said...

Simply superb, the effort shows in each and every corner of the place.

Sharon said...

I love the fact that you dared to make a box look like a warm, lovely home, dared to bring in pillars and redo the gives me hope:)...I am about to help someone furnish their apartment, and I think it's time to push for the warmth and feel-good design of South India!

Arch, well done, yet again!:)


Smitha Pulipra said...

Hi Archana and Karthik,

The posts and homes are lovely...

Do keep them up.

aryan said...


kartik - Its a home in an apartment complex,awesome work done.
Can u share the number of cottonwood pondicherry.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kartik

A beautiful home in an apartment complex,very tastefully done.
Can u share the contact details of Cottonwood Pondicherry.


DesignTalk said...

thanks aryan. Cottonwood number is 04132220634. The person who manages it is called Edwin. please note they are usually closed in the afternoons.

Anitha said...

Hi Archana,
Happy New Year to you too. Visiting your blog after a long time and such a wonderful post to start with for the year.

Your home is so tastefully done and i just love those pillars. Evrything in your home is very beautiful. A trully inspiring home!


Padma said...

Hi Karthik

A wonderful home and thanks Arch for showcasing this @ RangDecor. I am looking for someone to lay athangudi tiles in our drawing room of our new house in Bangalore. Any contacts here locally in Bangalore or would you suggest someone in Chennai? No success in finding MRM foundation online.


DesignTalk said...

Hi Padma. Please contact MRM foundations' Chettinad Heritage trust in Chennai at 044-24614313, 044-24934553.

shabana said...

hey karthik
your house is really lovely... i feel like coming home after a long inspire me to do some changes in my house.great work.

Unknown said...

Hi Archana,

I am a recent visitor to your blog and have become a great fan of yours !! Love your posts ! I Keep reading them regularly. :-)

Unknown said...

Hey Karthik,

Such a wonderful home !! Loved those windows and the pillars.. :-)

I had been to pondicherry recently and had ordered a pillar from Cottonwood. But I had a very bad experience and finally had to cancel my order. They kept delaying the delivery without proper reasons and dint even have the courtesy to keep me informed :( I was very excited bout getting the pillar but now its gone down the drain :(

Karthik, So could you tell me if you know of any place in bangalore where I can get antique pillars at a reasonable price?

Jeevan Anthony Louis said...

Hello Karthick,
beautiful house...I am Jeevan from Bangalore..I am a manufacturer of Athangudi tiles since july 2009... i have a production unit in Bangalore itself.. i came across this blog when i was generally browsing to check how many in Bangalore are aware of these lovely traditional Athangudi tiles... could you please tell me from where did you procure these tiles? Athangudi? If anybody else in your social circle are interested in these tiles could you kindly forward them to me... I would also arrange for laying of these tiles.. thank you.

Please contact me at-

Anonymous said...

Karthick, Im also a nagarathar.. congrats, for such a nice visual treat....I have also used pillars in my house at chennai, for the entrance and verandah with the same athankudi tiles...I need some help ...I am looking for an understanding interior designer and architect to convert my terrace space...looking for something really new, appealing is my id.... Ram

Anonymous said...

Dear Karthik,

You house is beautiful!

My husband was posted in Chennai for few years and I also bought athangadi tiles and two wooden pillars from Chettinad.

Now I am renovating my house in Delhi, and the area is nearly 1100sqft. I want to put two pillars and athangadi tiles outside the main door, along with other rustic tiles as I don't have enough athangadi tiles. My friends, however, are discouraging me, saying Delhi is dusty, and they will be hard to maintain. Please advice on whether I can use the pillars and athangadi tiles outside. Thank you!

Best wishes,
Veena Jha

Anonymous said...

Dear Karthik, Archana,

Can you give me some more specific directions to Bamboo Market, that you say is in Frazer Town. I have been asking autorickshaw guys but they never know.

Apologies in advance, if this may seem much, but I'd also like to know if any one of you know where you can get glasses, similar to these, at a reasonable price in Bangalore:

Thank you,
Preeti Singh

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Bamboo market is near cantonment station. After passing the cantonment station on your left, you need to take the left at the fork (the right goes towards mg road) and head straight till you hit a small circle with a petrol bunk on the right hand side. Take a right there to hit Bamboo market


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the directions Karthik. I am going to explore that place soon. Will keep you posted if I find anything gorgeous.

Deepa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous home. Am currently dealing with carpenters for basic wardrobe stuff ,so my admiration for you has gone up by a 100:-)

Btw, does anyone here have an idea how one can hang up an antique swing seating in an apt. I know we have to find a support beam etc, but who are the best people to do this...
I have dreamt of having an antique plank style swing in my living room

Thanks Deepa

Deepa said...

Karthik, lovely home
Archana, wonderful blog...i visit it for info all the time:-)

Btw, has anyone hung up an antique swing in their apartment? How does one find the beam? Can anyone do it for you ? I'm at : deeparad at gmail dot com

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hey Karthik,

I simply loveeee what you have done to your home. I am in the process of planning the interiors for my new home. Looking for some good contacts for - Blinds - Antique furniture(Seating, Swing, cabinets)

Was wondering if you could point me to the best places to shop for these in Bangalore, Chennai, Pondi and Cochin? If you can, do drop me a mail on

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS on such a gorgeous home.

priya said...

What a beautiful house!!! I could never imagine converting an apartment into something like this. Awesome!

Divya said...

I know I am commenting on a post almost an year old... but just can't resist! Lovely home Karthik and thanks Archana for posting this. I am an interior-lover myself... and my main pastime is re-decorating my home. ( featured in artnlight -

And yes would love to see your home in person Karthik!!


DesignTalk said...


had got a few queries for an antique guy where one could find pillars at a reasonable price...hence this post. Pls contact a Mr. Devaraj on 9482224201. Have found some neat pillars at very resonable prices at his place. One can find him as soon you get down the lingarajpuram flyover on the right hand side


Uthsavi said...

Wonderful home Kartik.Congratulations.

U have been very patient in answering everyone's concerns..Great!!

Unknown said...

what a lovely place. and the tiles... i can't get enough of it.

Smitha Suraj said...

Lovely Karthik. Great home.

Do you have to bargain at shops in Pondicherry?

Varnam talk said...

Yup. You will need to bargain at most road side antique shops especially the ones on east coast road in pondi.

Smitha Suraj said...


I love your chandlier/pendant lamp. Is it a heirloom?
If purchased (do hope so :-), please give the details.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karthik

Beautiful house..Needed an info regarding tinnai...Can you post a closer pic of that or send the details of the person who has done that. I wanted to do the similar one in my balcony..


gül çizerim :)) said...

Hi... It is very beatiful house. I loved your decoratıon Ideas.