Friday, February 13, 2009

Our house tour in Apartment Therapy!

I am extremely delighted that our new home has been featured in Apartment Therapy House Tours 2009.

Do take the house tour:-)
Thanks to Gregory Han & hugs to you Kavitha.


Anonymous said...

Just one word- Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Lovely and warm home!! I love the outside seating (both) & red tiles... Sure reminds me of my ancestral home. I see we share a common love for swings and orange walls. Lovely!! Thanks once again for sharing your home!

Chandan said...

OMG... have been waiting for this one... am going to feast my eyes now... more comments later.

Chandan said...

Hey Arch,
Whew... that just made my saturday morning... such gorgeousness. Love all the elements and how they come together in the home. The porch, awesome aged furniture, your feel for colours, the tiles (omg omg omg) block prints on walls ( did you do them?) contrasting linen (pink against yellow fab), the swing and brass work... I am speechless. Congratulations on your new home. Love it love it love it.

Perfect Witch said...

This is beautiful. But we have come to expect that from you.
You have to tell me where you got the swing from (the one in the living room). I have been looking for one since ages but do not know where to get it from! Please, please tell me!

Lakshmi said...

Unbelievably gorgeous... :) Would love to see more pics of the verandah, balcony and terrace.

Rajee Sood said...

Love it... love it ... love it... Arch , tell me about the art piece you have framed that your entranceway ... I just love it ... would love to pick up a traditional piece like that one... love the colors ... have to say I admire all who dare to venture into colors... rock on...

Shalini said...

Wow, Congratulations! The new house looks absolutely fantastic. I love the fabrics, artwork and that verandah is to die for! You definitely need to be an interior decorator.

Anonymous said...

Very nice - like the South Indian accents throughout integrated with modern touches.

Anonymous said...

simply superb!!
i want to visit yours balcony, very nice. great collection of wooden furniture n antics. i loved carved wooden coat and its colorful bed spread :D


SUPERB Arch! every little detail is so well put together. I can imagine how much of your time all that must have taken , you have really outdone yourself. I would say your home is perfectly done Arch. I especially loved the old radio :) and the little plants scattered about. All the furniture is gorgeous, it hardly feels like a flat in the city !

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,

U have done a fab job.I am yet to take a real look n drool over it.I can't believe this is in B'lore:)Congrats!!!!!!


Altoid said...


Can you adopt me? I want to come live in this beautiful place! :)

I love it, its come out so well, every piece appears to have a story to tell, love the athangudi tiles....too many to list.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! AT is such a terrific site and it is great to see a house tour from India. Your blog is an inspiration as well - love your work.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful home:) Once again, I am amazed at your designing skills and attention to detail!

Loved that you thought to have a swing in your new home:) It's a fine one, too! And that mug of chai:) I had to smile when I saw it!!


mekie said...

Incredible!! Love the design details and the 'thinnai'..

Unknown said...

Archana,I'm from blore but currently living in UK,have been following your blog for quite some time now. I'm in love with your blog, your new home is just fabulous, i loved your outdoor space!! Converting an apartment to give it a South Indian feel is not easy and you have done a fabulous job! Feels like you have bought the serene traditional village look into the city! Impressive!! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely nook to us, just love all the artwork!!!Simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Real feast for eyes.

Anonymous said...

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pRiyA said...

i just took the tour. your home is BREATHTAKING! every detail is exquisite and it was a feast for the eyes.

Avanti Sané said...

Heartiest Congratulations! You have a beautiful and tastefully decorated house :)

Anonymous said...


What do i say?its truly happy for u and its a feast for our eyes!!

~mE said...

stunning archana :) i dont even know how many times i looked at the pictures :)

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Congratulations Arch! This is awesome! :)

priya said...

Hi Archana,

Have been waiting for this for quite sometime :) its abso gorgeous!! i loved ur thinnai !! its a real treat to see ur house. hats off to all three of u!

Maneesha said...

You did it again! :)
It's awesome..I especially loved the South Indian style porch-courtyard..evoked a lot of wonderful childhood memories! :)

Anonymous said...

very beautiful home. I can see your hardwork and detailing everywhere.

Vineeta said...

OMG!!!! Archana, So absolutely fantabulous! Words won't suffice but I will try. And I'm so glad that you've been generous with the no of pics. Every nook and cranny is well put together. So much talent & so well utilised. I LOVED the (long list follows) 1) The offwhite weathered tiles in your bedroom with your beautiful stenciling on it. 2)The brilliant colourful bedsheet. 3)Each of the little boxes on the books. 4) the brilliant flooring in the study. 5)YOU BALCONIES!!!- the medeterranian santorini inspired one & your iron benched ones & your huge Orange Veranda with the Nandi and the easy chair & the huge metal urn. 6) the old radio. 7) all your tanjore paintings and their diff frames. 8)your prettily tiled staircase. 9) All your antique furniture- each one lovingly picked (or luckily inherited) 10)The bright splashes of colour strategically used. WHEW!!! I NEED TO do a post on your home! Kindly give permission :)

Komal-Nishka said...

Arch, soo many comments, I wonder if another one saying the same thing makes sense but doing it anyway.. the house is awwwsssooommmee..I can imagine how strong Mallika's roots will be growing in such a lovely home that reflects our country..

Praba Ram said...

Hello Archana -

i've been following your blog for a good year or more...the indigotree of flickr! ;-)

Oh, boy!!! What a beautiful, delicately done, attention to finer details - arts/Crafts south-indian revival bungalow style!!! Gorgeousness galore!

Loved every little detail - what more shall I say...everyone has said it perfectly...let me add - the book shelf with space for music instruments - sitar and veena and of course, the colored glass window panes, the windows themselves...superb!!

thanks for the lovely tour! :-)

Anonymous said...

lovely as always. hope you are well, Arch!...erinn

Anonymous said...

Please when are you moving out of this house....I want to live there....This is my dream home.

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks a lot each and everyone for your kind comments. I am so glad that all of you liked our home.

Promise to write a detailed post on it later:-)

Some quick answers-
1. The teak wood swing was picked up from Chettinad.
2. The artwork at the entrance is a mixed media painting picked up from Chitra Santhe art festival a couple of years back.
3. Block-print motifs I stenciled and hand painted:-)

Anonymous~ We just moved in;-)

Shails said...

Beautiful.Just loved the all the elements in your home.
The colors, the brass, the plants, the tiles, the swing ,the balcony -Gorgeous!

shula said...

Arch! It's ENORMOUS!

and very lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a tastefully decorated home! That's exactly how my dream home would look. Congratulations on being featured on AT!


D said...

Your is inspiring for me. I love all things Indian and I love the way you use them in your house.

AB said...

Hello Archana,

Splendid job on the details. Really inspired by your patience in picking each thing with so much care.
I want to say thought each of want to decorate our homes per each person's capability and limits. Its so amazing because when you are young and living in India you want to make your room/house looking as western as possible. When you come abroad and live there for a while you so want to make your home look as Indian as possible :) Its really good to see your home in India with such ethnic traditional furniture and setting.
But where ever you really feel like you did all this to enjoy your life but a part of us cannot wait for guests to come and appreciate us. Just line in tula bharam (weighing scale) each appreciation you get weighs out the effort you put in :)

I really liked your patio but I have to say I felt the emptiness. I cannot imagine how beautiful your patio gets as it gets old with grandmas. I am sure Mallika & her kids will have good memories of her parents getting old in that chair reading a news paper (provided you dont change a thing for the sake of interior decoration).

Enjoy your home! Please do give us the oportunity to savor those forgotten home atmosphere too.

Thanks for sharing! Hope to see more.

- Aruna

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks a lot :-)

Aruna~ Interesting to read your point of view.

Our home has always reflected who we are and what we are passionate about.We for one have great love for the rich culture and heritage of India and have tried to bring it into our home in our own way.

It is nice to be appreciated, but it has never been the main reason for doing anything.

As far as emptiness in the verandah is concerned...maybe I should have made someone sit on the chair;-) I assure you it is never empty:-)

Glad to hear everyone's thoughts and I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved your home! it's nice to see something so different in a concrete jungle of similar homes!

megha puNAter" said...

what a lovely lovely home.archana you have put your heart into it and it shows.thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your home is fantastic! Its just the kind I always wanted for my family. A traditional South Indian home built around a courtyard with colorful walls and tiles with patina. As creative as I am told I am, I did not, however, envision this in an apartment! Amazing concept which came together perfectly. We are in the process of putting together our home in the US and would love to share some pictures when we are are done, well, figuratively done :). After all that effort you have gone through, I wish you many lazy mornings in that easy chair in your balcony.


Sunita Mohan said...

I love the splashes of colour and I love the way you've restricted it so it doesnt overwhelm. Great judgement! I love that very welcoming atmosphere (I wish I could think of something stronger than "I love ..." but these pics have knocked them all out of my mind).

anusha said...

You have an awesome house. I love the outdoor porch a lot. The bright orange color of the wall, the wooden furniture & Tanjore/Mysore Paintings took my memory back to South India. Loved them all.

Green Mirchi said...

Hi arch, I left a comment on your rang colours of life blog. I have to say its been few days since apt therpay published that post but I just cant seem to get enough. your home is so vibrant and you have really captured the essence of south india in your home. I showed the post to my hubby and he could not believe that your verandah was in a high rise bldg! kudos to you and your family for pursuing and accomplishing this design spectacular. we hope you make many many wonderful memories there and hope to see those captured for us to enjoy as well.

AmitMakwana said...

hello Archana...
i loved the way orange and dark wood have been combined to create warmth...saying 'WELCOME HOME'
take care...

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks a lot
Kalyani, Megha, Sushma,Sunita,Anusha, Pacchai and Amit

Really really appreciate it!

Thea said...

Oh my goodness, that looks so perfect, everything is warm, friendly and still open and light.. I didn't even know, that rooms full of dark furniture, can look so airy.
I love the orange you have chosen, its energetic, vibrant and still old, the holy color.. there are all the small details you can see in the pictures of statues, paintings, bowls situated on furniture and of course flowers, the swing, the chai... but the best place is really the terasse.. wonderful home :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of your blog and visit it everyday!!!Your home is such a visual treat....wonderfuly balanced without missing out a single aspect of design and decoration.To top it all it has SOUL!!

Anonymous said...

Archana - I absolutely love your home with all the small accents and the nic - knacks....whenever you do a detailed post - can you also include the places where you have picked up all the pieces from...just curious - is this an apartment or a bungalow?

Veda said...

hi Arch,

was waiting to see your new home and may i say OMG! Its marvellous, beautiful, and more ! I just cannot express in words. Its really commendable of u guys to bring such rich heritage to ur home.....i love the tanjore paintings....may i ask did u do them or u bought it from tanjavur?....its just fab!!!!oh i can go on n on about ur home.....when will u invite me for a cup of chai to ur place?:-)

Sanctified Spaces said...

Faboulous home.Your creative impulses must be so satisfied with the outcome.Your incredibly blessed.Thank you for the tour of yor home.


Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!!!
Archana I thought your previous home was gorgeous... and was wondering how you had the heart to leave. Now I know.
This looks like a resort and right out of the pages of daab (Indian design). Am pretty sure its gonna make it into one of those books I coolect soon... and I'll be the first one to buy it.

I love everything about your home. What i love most is the terrace. No way I wouldve been able to guess it was an apartment. Guess your building rules werent that stringent. Thank God. I also love the chest in the living room in front of the orange nook. and the tiles... and the tile border. I have so many questions.

Unknown said...

Hello Archana,

I am Shalini from Texas . I am a great fan of your blog.
Your apartment is fabulous.It looks like a big bungalow. Just awesome.Thanks for letting us have apeel in your home.
By the way my sister's name is Archana.

Dithi said...

Archana, I am at a loss for words after seeing all the photographs. Your home is a dream, I can't begin to imagine how much of effort putting all the design elements would have taken. Lovely use of warm colours and sublime wooden furniture. You have used just the colours I have on my palette!!! I love the dark red engravings on the walls, within which you have placed the antique diyas. I would love to know how you got them built into your walls. Also, did you custom-make each of the windows and doors, I am intrigued because in Mumbai they make such a huge fuss about not changing the outward facade of the building and therefore the limitation on replacing the builder's window facades. Thanks for sharing with us such amazing pictures and CONGRATULATIONS on this beautiful space, it is a dream. Dithi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,

Your home is very beautiful and very meticulously done. I can imagine the effort and hard work put into creating such a beauty!

Each and every corner of the home is gorgeous but i must admit that I have completely fallen in love with your terrace.


Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks a lot each and everyone for your kind words:-))

I really appreciate it:-)

Kavitha- All builders have very strict rules about modifications affecting the exteriors of the building and we have ensured the structural changes were limited to the interiors.

Dithi- The red engraving is actually terracotta lampholders (slots) that we got plastered into the wall during the cementing process.
Like I mentioned to Kavitha- a couple of windows were custom made, these windows face the terraces and hence don't really affect the exterior of the apartment building.

Home Furnishing uk said...

This is too good .
I Love this .
I just love it ... would love to pick up a traditional piece like that one... love the colors ...

w.usman said...

hi there. i must admit that ur place is just beautiful. i really love it. thanx a lot for sharing and plz keep posting more pics. in future.

Anu said...

Very graceful. I liked the placements of the furniture and the color used. Nice going. Keep it up

I did not see any pictures of the kitchen in the slide show. Can you please point me to the link where you have posted the kitchen photos also.