Monday, August 04, 2008

The gentle breeze blew through...

...sheer white curtains with a touch of gold.Two posts in a day, I must be certainly very inspired! It was very exciting to receive an email from Chitra Gopalakrishnan, informing me about a new venture. A venture with a social cause of giving a boost to the Kerala handloom industry.

KARA- Weaves of Kerala is an endeavor by a group of very enterprising women who work with weavers fom Kerala and create high quality cotton handloom furnishings for the home.Woven linen and gold cushion covers
They have a range of curtains, cushion covers and some super soft cotton towels.Do check out their online store here.


D said...


Kara Weaves said...

Thanks! The team is super-excited!

Anonymous said...

love this !

Anonymous said...

Looking for these kinda curtains.
specially white

Any info -store in Delhi (NCR) too?

Mélanie said...

I do love this cotton towells !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paavani,

You can shop online at (this promotional offer includes free shipping)
Another option is to visit us in Bangalore between Oct 15-17th when we do a gallery show + sale at the RainTree, Bangalore.
We also have a few things at boutiques like those of hotels like the Radisson, CGH Earth, but again in Kerala.
Thanks for you interest in our work!

pRiyA said...

wouldn't mind wearing this white and gold stuff, it is so beautiful...

Sunita Mohan said...

Lovely stuff! I'd love to have this in my home, especially the light as souffle curtains. Can I get these at any stores in Mumbai? Or even in Kerala?
BTW, what is the story behind the venture? Chitra's link doesnt work when I click on it.

Kara Weaves said...

Hi Sunita, paavani,

A brief write-up of our venture is on our online store. Here's some more:
Kara Weaves is a non-profit partnership venture entirely self-initiated and self-financed.
We are working with government weaving co-operatives who work under subsidies and social security schemes from the government. How we resolved the issue of helping out the handloom industry in Kerala in our small way is to increase the demand for it by designing products that fit an urban lifestyle and by using newer marketing strategies.

Its run by my mom and her pals, mostly out of our office located here in beautiful Kanjiramattom.

Our entire range of products are available online. If you're making a trip to Kerala, you're more than welcome to come over to our unit located midway between Kochi and Kottayam. Like we said, we offer friends price discounts to those that come over (along with chai and homemade kerala snacks).


Sunita Mohan said...

Thanks for the invite, Chitra. The next time I'm in Kochi (I go there every year), I'll make sure I drop by.
Chitra, do you mind if I e-mail you? There doesnt seem to be a 'Contact us' link on the site.
Archana, thanks for this post. I love it and the idea.

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks all~

Sunita~ Hope Chitra has answered your happy shopping:-)

Paavani- Hope you find the right one for your home:-)

Chitra- Chai with Kerala snack sounds wonderful:-)

Kara Weaves said...

Dear Sunita,
Feel free to contact me or my mom at
You can alternately give us a call at +919995327661 when you plan to drop by.
And yes ladies, your cups of chai and snacks await you. The monsoon adds an extra appeal, so come on over!
We are so glad to get featured and get to meet more handloom lovers!
Thanks again Archana!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooh those towels are so very pretty piled up like that!

zobars said...

Wow !!! what a great idea. I love white and gold and the oval design is just wonderful. A little pricey though but its a lot of hard work too.

Vineeta said...

Just looking at this post is soo soothing to the eyes. I absolutely LOVE white sheers. In space starved Bombay, it is almost the only option to make a space breathe. Beatiful pics and beautiful work!

Room Envy said...

These fabrics are wonderful, classic white with a touch of colour. I don't know how well they'd feature in my house in cold old England though! Maybe as bathroom blinds?

Anonymous said...

Dear room envy,
The fabrics work really well as sheers that blend well with most decors. The gold and silver accents give them more character than plain sheers. I have used them in cold cold Michigan weather and think they filter out the light wonderfully!
Chitra (for Kara Weaves)