Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jivi Sethi

Some of you might remember I had featured Jivi Sethi's Goan home in December last year and yesterday as I flipped through the glossy pages of Elle Decor's latest edition I found myself staring at another eclectic space designed by Jivi Sethi, this time he shares his New Delhi residence.
A colonial daybed with vibrant cushions by Jivi, Sadr, Iris & Soleh. Glass paintings of Lord Hanuman & Ganesha on a Kashmiri screen.
The entrance hall to the apartment has a 'Jaali' door designed by Michael Aram.( I love the flowers hanging in lovely water filled test tubes:-)
The things that I find interesting in his spaces are the carefree use of colours, art & crafts picked up from parts of India as well as abroad. His ability to very smoothly blend the east with the west and yet create a harmonious style, I find very unique. The terrace dining table has black stone platter with patterned jasmine inlay work, sculpture by M J Enas & block print poppy table cloth by Brigitte SinghPainting by Haku Shah in the dining room, with doors salvaged from an old mansion. ( I love restorations:-)The dining table all set with black marble inlay side plates, granite & bidri work tea-light holders and old brass oil lamps from Kerala on the consoles & Italian lamp overhead provide lovely light.Seen here are Chinese Inlay and lacquer work of birds & bedside chest with Antje Weber sculpture.I am a sucker for traditional oil lamps:-)) Here is a collection of brass lamps from Tamil Nadu, lithograph of a monument on the wall, a Lord Shiva mask from Varanasi & gold plated vegetables are served on a bidri work platter from his "Design Laboratory"

(images from elledecor magazine, Feb-Mar 2008)


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful home!!! love the colours and all the antique brass lamps. and such a beautiful terrace. i would spend all the time there if my terrace was that beautiful.

Vineeta said...

Fantastic! Reminds me to pick up my copy :) Love the little flowers in test tube idea! and the brass lamps and artefacts- but what makes me flip are the liberal dashes of bright colour :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Especially enjoyed seeing the door designed by Michael Aram and the brass oil lamp!
Hope all is well Arch!!



Arch, thats a damn cool home . I love the whole pink + orange thing going on in the corner. I think I'm a random splashes of bright colour kinda girl.
Anyway , I have tagged thee. Please refer to my differently titled new blog. I am very eager to see how you will answer and what cute images you'll put up.

CrimsonAnna said...

Fantastic! That's the way colors should be used!

Invisible said...

Stunning house. Say, does Elle Decor have an India edition? How's the content?

erinn said...

Do you know what those yellow flowers are. They are so beautiful. And wow. that daybed is amazing.

Unknown said...

I love the flower arrangements speacially!

Anonymous said...

If I may say, your house pictures are much better than the ones presented.

And seems like Elle decor is facing a dearth of interior decorators. Jivi sethi everywhere. He reminds me of Robert Verdi of New York. - COPY CAT -

There is color, color everywhere - majestic as it is, not very realistic. Best suited for a palacial venture or for a photo shoot. It is also very distracting - the eye runs over too many things making it an eye sour.

Emani Peril Rao

Jenny said...

I just wanted to let you know I discovered your blog only last night and have been totally addicted since--reading every single post and saving lots of pictures for inspiration. Thanks for such a great resource!

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Thanks a lot each and everyone:-))

kavitha- Yes, I love terrace with loads of plants:-))

vineeta- Yes, The colour are what makes it appealing to me:-)

constance- Thanks for dropping by ...I am guilty of not visiting your lovely blog in a while:-))

powerpuff-Vibrant colours isn't it:-)
Thanks sure will get cracking in a while:-)

crimsonanna- Thanks for dropping by:-))

invisible- Yes, this is from the Indian Edition of Elle Decor:-) I quite like it and especially features lot of young designers from related branches like product, textiles, contemperory art etc

erinn-The flowers took my breath away...will find out for you:-)
Does anyone know the name of the yellow flowers??

Smita- Yes:-))I love it too:-) Longtime!

Emani Peril Rao- Thanks:-) I appreciate your comments abt my house:-)
I feature designers' whose work I find inspiring...I am a big fan of "Colours" "Rang Decor";-)

I haven't seen any work of Robert Verdi of New I am not in a position to comment.
I also respect everyone's personal opinions.

Whatever I like and post on 'Rang Decor' might not appeal to everyone's taste ( I respect that fact)

Do drop by again...maybe next time you might find something that you like;-))

jenny- Thanks for your lovely comment:-)

Do drop by often:-))

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, delightful, tasteful blog you have! I just discovered it and have already added it my favorites folder. I looked at your other blogs as well - your pictures are amazing to say the least. And I have fallen in love with the door in your home - reminds me of the door in my grandma's place.


Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Thanks for tip Arch! Getting my copy now! :)

purple area said...

Great post, love the colours!!

Amber Cargile said...

That terrace is divine! And I love all the color combinations.

Gill said...

I love those lamps too. They are so exotic!
Love the block print tablecloth, I just bought a similar one from a store called Maiwah in Vancouver. (its Indian handprinted fabric)
Loved this guy too, thanks~!

katiedid said...

So Beautiful! I always love coming to your blog. It is so inspiring. I love your new banner too!

Alessandra Cave said...

Arch! I am so enchanted by your site! Thanks for your lovely comment on my wedding post :) My email thanking you bounced back : ( Perhaps I have the wrong one? Beautiful images... Stunning, really. I'm gonna go get a cup of chai and read through your older posts to get to know you a bit better.

Anonymous said...

This is a cool home!

You know Arch, I thought you haven't posted in a long time?!? May I suggest - you should ping technorati each time you post.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Inspirational and lots of great color!

Anonymous said...

Arch, What a lovely blog you have created!!! Your home looks stunning! Excellent work!