Friday, June 08, 2007

Tranquilitea - A Tea Lounge.

On our recent trip to Coonoor, the lovely hillstation at Tamilnadu. We spotted this lovely old british style bungalow with beautifully manicured lawns and colourful flowers.

Hesitantly we drove inside and realised it was a tea lounge called Tranquilitea. Wow!
Retaining the British style, with fireplace et al. intact they had created a tranquil tea lounge where one can savour the flavours of Handmade Teas, Frost Tea and many more and be transported to the bygone days of the Raj.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Really love the small inlaid panels with words/letters!!!

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Yes, that is the door that caught my attention at once.

I just finished clicking and the waiter emerged with our tea from behind the door:-)

Unknown said...

I have been to this place aswell in s the very same manner as the other blogger. I just fell in love with this place its absolutely awesome.