Saturday, October 30, 2010

doily patterns...

Tealight candles adorning our entrance...
Tealight candles have become a big part of the Diwali illuminations in many Indian homes. I love using these along with the traditional oil diyas.

I wanted an interesting background to form a base for these candles. Coasters were one option but I zeroed in on traditional 'Kolam' stencils available widely in stores that sell 'pooja articles' or stalls near temples.

The patterns remind me of doilies that my mother used to crochet during my childhood:-)

A lotus shaped kolam stencil...

Some interesting design stencils...

(images by Arch)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

glassy illumination...

As the festival of lights approaches, my head is bursting with various ideas to try out at home.
I also love checking out what's new in the market for diyas and lamps...

Recently I picked up these small glass oil lamps. It's a small flower shaped glass container with enough space for two tablespoons of oil. On top of it goes a detachable metal flower-shaped wick holder!
Placing them on a terracotta plate and scattering white rose petals makes it a lovely center of interest.

Love the floral pattern the light and glass together create:-)

You could also place them on small traditional coasters and line them on your window-sill or entrance...

Here I have placed it on small framed 'Patachitra' painting.

(Images by Arch)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

festive twinkle...

Yesterday while cleaning the drawers I found a string of fairy lights.
I draped it on our antique medicine chest and saw stars descend into our living room.A simple idea that can transform your space.
These twinkling lights are definitely going to be part of my diwali decorations:-)

Hope to share more simple decorating ideas for diwali from my home.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Remember the lovely Creative Corners's of Karthik Vaidhyanathan's home in Bangalore?
He's back this time with Varnam~ A colourful line of home furnishings.
A full-time media professional with a passion for interior design, Karthik's Varnam showcases the amazing beauty of traditional Indian handmade textiles.
Karthik explains, "Varnam is a sincere attempt to highlight some of the inherent beautiful qualities that traditional Indian fabrics possess.

The product line consists of table runners, curtains, cushions, etc. all handmade from Indian sarees and blouse materials.
Pillow Covers made from saree and blouse materials...
Table runners...
I felt these were apt since Indian stories incorporate some of the most beautiful patterns, colours and motifs. The sarees include traditional nine yard Maharashtrian sarees or ‘Navvaris’, cotton sarees from Tamil nadu , Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

I have also made use of the very popular and blouse material traditionally used by women along the Maharashtra-Karnataka border, ‘Khan’."
The products are simple with no added embellishments.

Varnam is being showcase at The Ants Store in Indiranagar from October 22nd to 24th, 2010. If you are in Bangalore do drop by and check out the stunning range of home furnishings from Varnam.

(images from Karthik)