Monday, October 15, 2012

The Channapatna Swirl: Varnam.

Rang Decor has seen Karthik Vaidyanathan share his creative space with it's readers, start his new venture Varnam~ Colors for your home and now he is back with his full fledged exhibition showcasing traditional crafts of Channapatna that are made relevant in today's times and have a strong utilitarian value in our everyday life.

'Gubbi Series' Paper weights.

The 'Channapatnaiks' bottle stoppers.

'Kuruvi Series' Paper Roll Dispenser.

Karthik states, "It was over two years ago, on a road trip to Mysore, when I had stopped by at a little toy-shop along the streets of this little town called Channapatna. I came away fascinated. Little did I know then, that I would be so closely linked with this beautiful craft form in the coming years."

Kuruvi Series' Wall Hooks.

'Four Little Chefs' Napkin and Card Holder.

'Three Little Piggies on a bus' hanger.

Salt & Pepper Shakers.

Varnam, his own social enterprise has been working with a group of talented crafts-women (for over a year now) to try and revisit this craft that was traditionally known for making toys. 

Do drop by and see these vibrant Channapatna beauties at 
The Channapatna Swirl~ Re-imagining the Channapatna Craft.
at Showcase @ No.1 Shanthi Road, Bangalore.
on October 19th to 21st, 2012
11 am to 8 pm and the grand opening on 18th October at 6.30 pm.

You can also join Varnam's Event page on Facebook.

(Images by Varnam)


Дизайнер Одесса said...

Excellent selection of accessories!

Deepa said...

thanks for sharing archana!

channapatna crafts are so fun and whimsical !

I have been inspired by your blog for a long time now and finally decided to take the plunge with my friend supriya into launching our own home decor blog..

wanted to leave our url here for you and your readers..

do check us out at

ASunnyYellowWindow said...

Love varnam for wonderful product design retaining that country charm. The kuruvi series is especially endearing!

Miss Frangipani said...

Love Varnam's beautiful products. I really applaud people and organisations that take dying crafts and give them a new lease of life. The new products that Varnam comes up with are a testimony to the creativity and skill of the traditional workers. And it is up to us, gawkers and admirers, to put our money when our pins are are help these crafts survive. Love that piggy holder. Gorgeous!

rk said...

These are so beautiful and whimsical. I used to have colorful toys made in Channapatna when I was a little girl. We also had Navaratri dolls from there. I do often stop by that place whenever I visit India and I am especially looking forward to visiting Varnam.