Tuesday, October 02, 2012


One weekend while exploring France Avenue in Minneapolis I stopped in my tracks when I looked above to see a board framed by the backdrop of clear blue sky and fluffy clouds.
Before the family could turn back to see where I had disappeared, I had pushed the door open into a store that I had followed online for years: Anthropologie.

What I have liked about Anthropologie has been their vibrant design with a prominent global flavor.

Anthropologie is an American brand owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc. based in Philadelphia. It caters to women looking for unique, one-of-a-kind design.
The store display of shabby-chic meets rustic style was very impressive. Old brick floor, distressed wooden planks, textures on the wall. Vintage metal signboards.

Couldn't resist a close up of the colorful tea mugs that seem to filter the natural window light and gleam in the yellow store lights.

Funnel-shaped ceiling display near the cash counter.

Design books on display.
Ceramic jars.
Was amazed by the fusion of global influences. Most of the time saw a familiar name when I turned to check from which country the products were from:-)

 Pretty earrings display.

Also saw a copy of 2012 Design*Sponge Newspaper at the store.

(Images by Arch)


Anonymous said...

Love how u have captured the tea cups..I go crazy n overwhelmed whenever I see so many of them together:) hope u r enjoying d weather in Minnesota before the magical winter wonderland arrives:)

Amrita Tripathy said...

One of the most awaited posts on Rang Decor...! :)
god those cups and owls snaps are crazy & insane..! And what you said~ " It caters to women looking for unique, one-of-a-kind design." Seems so true. ♥ it.


Priti said...

Oh my God! This is so beautiful...you must have thoroughly enjoyed your visit over there. Owls look super cute. Can you please tell me what's that funnel shaped thing and what is it made up of? would love to know more about it...
Thanks :)

Jyostna said...

Anthropologie my favourite store!!!

Anonymous said...

Also on France is World Market.

If you like Anthropologie, which is a chain store, you'll definitely like Minnesota's own Bibelot on Grand Ave (several other locations too). Speaking of Grand Ave, there are many local boutiques you might want to check out. Don't forget to enjoy a cuppa at Tea Garden or Cafe Latte. The latter has fantastic cakes to go with the coffee. Then there's Breadsmith across the road from Cafe Latte, and Bravo bakery a few blocks away. Grand Ave. is a grand place indeed.

Anitha said...

Love the post and pics. More interested to see the goodies that you have picked from there ;)

indiamap said...

The Colorful tea mugs are awesome.

Sreekala said...

Great to see that you have landed in Minneapolis. I spent the whole of 2006 in that lovely city. It is so picturesque wherever one turns. Hope you have lots of fun exploring the downtown. It has an especially cozy Barnes and Nobles that was my favorite haunt. Lucky you!!! Do post a write up on the city with good pics - it's a special request!!!

Jeane M. said...

Wonderful! Love all the displays specially with those cute mugs. Got my eye on your next posts.

vineeta said...

Wuhooo!!!! My Anthropologie post still remains pending from last year!! :) :) Well, will post about it one of these days :) :) But I am soooo happy for you. And I'm so seriously tempted to pack my back & come over so we can explore these treasure troves together :) :) Have Fun Arch! :)
Needless to say Loved all the pics - especially the stairs pic with the owls :) :)