Friday, June 15, 2007

Mallika Sarabhai's Country Retreat.

When I saw this on the cover of Inside Outside Magazine few years back I just wanted to be there on the swing...
This country retreat is designed by Nimesh Patel & Parul Zaveri of Abhikram, for their friend Mallika Sarabhai a famous Indian dancer, activist & environmentalist.
This is a traditional Gujrati Hitchkar (swing) which can be moved either way to face inwards or outwards.
A place in a natural setting where one can rejuvenate and escape from the stressful city life.
A series of wood sculptures of birds & serpents are scattered around the place.
The walls of the house are plastered with mud to provide natural insulation against heat. The wall has mud patterns with small mirrors fixed on them. ( Lovely!)
Her living space reflects her beliefs of conserving natural resources & importance of indigenous traditions. The sofas are made of natural materials like cane, jute & handloom.

Mallika's love for traditional crafts of Kutch can be seen in the hand embroidered covers and quilted bedcovers in her rooms.

( images from Inside Outside Magazine, June 2003 issue)


Blue the Spa Girl said...

When can I move in??
I love the swing. Such wonderful colours there too. I have this sudden urge to paint my door blue!
xo Hugs,

Pam Aries said...

Blue the Spa Girl..abobe..suggested we visit your beautiful site! I am glad I did! The colors are glorious! What an interesting and intriguing blog you have ! I shall return!

Arch said...

Thanks Blue and thanks drop by :-)

Pacchai Milagai said...

The house is as beautiful as mallika herself.

Arch said...

Pacchai- I completely agree!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

A friend of mine left me an email comment for you...she cannot log in as she is with TypePad...
From Constance at Rochambeau....
wants to let you know she was here and enjoyed your blog very much...I am sure she will return to comment when she is able.

Arch said...

Thanks Blue :-)
Pl. thank Constance on my behalf

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I love that her home is so unpretentious even though she is famous. And I esp want that swing!