Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pinch a little...

I am referring to a technique used in pottery called pinching. It's a super simple way of making a clay pot. Here is a link to how you can make a pinch pot.
Recently we made it in my pottery class with coloured porcelain clay.

So I thought for this Diwali why not make pinch pot tea light holders? I remembered we had some Air-Dry Clay that we had used to make Ganesha this year. 
So quickly I made little clay balls that fit into my palm and made pinch pots that could fit a tea light. I loved the creamy white colour, so I retained it. 

If you like you can paint the tips or use coloured clay. 
 I moulded it in such a way that it gives a rustic, floral, petal-like feel.

 A peach and cream colour scheme comes together...

You can line it in a row or place it in a single tray with flowers.

Few readers asked about how to incorporate the fall decor accessories available here in the US.
Few felt/foam leaves scattered around the pinch pot tea-light holders gives it an autumn appeal. Add mini pumpkins or winter squashes around the tea lights.

You can get your kids involved in making pinch pots and the clay dries quite easily.

Hope you liked this simple DIY idea for Diwali. 

Have a beautiful Diwali filled with warm glow and happiness!

( Images and styling by Arch and is copyrighted)


Thecreative bent said...

Really pretty! Very interesting technique and the way you have played with it... plus the color on the first one looks beautiful! But now that I think about it.. for karwa chauth... don't ladies make diyas out of dough from a similar technique..? Not sure though.

Swati @ The Creative Bent

Arch at Rang said...

Swati~ Thanks!

So the ladies celebrating 'Karwa Chauth' can make these in a jiffy!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful Archana! Early Deepavali wishes to you and your family! Pacchai

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Love your pictures, Archana!

Shweta Sharma said...
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Kebhari said...

Nice flowers .

lb said...

Clay is an addictive hobby, but you are in the right place. Minnesota has the country's most amazing potters.