Monday, December 07, 2009

My Guest Post at 'Once Upon A Tea Time...Design Stories'.

Hello Everyone. My first guest post ever is up at 'Once Upon A Tea Time...Design Stories'.
I am sharing some simple ideas with all the readers, so do drop by and lets also congratulate Priya on the 1st blog anniversary of Once Upon A Tea Time...Design stories.


Anonymous said...

Yay! And thank you so much!

sudha said...

hey archana

Like that brass it actually a planter or something else repurposed as one

Arch at Rang said...

Sudha-It's called a 'Paddhi' a vessel to measure grains. I have used it as a holder:-)

~mE said...

ilove this plant

where did u get it from, any idea whats it called ?

deepazartz said...

I have the same 'vilakku'...the holder is very nice too:)

Off to 'Once Upon A Tea Time'...

vidhya said...

Hi Archana:

Have been following your lovely blog for more than a year now..but here is my first comment! :) I love the posts which have pics of your house or your ideas and tips!

Here are two questions for you. Please answer them if you have the time:
1. I always see that you use new plants in locations where I had seen different plants in older posts. How do you do that? Do you move the old ones to your balcony and bring in the new ones? becoz all your indoor plants are it seems to me that they cannot be too old!?
2. You put your plant pots in lovely brass containers. How do you maintain the brass pot? how do you prevent oxidization? Do you clean them everyday or week?

Sorry...I love indoor plants and would love any tips from you!! :)

Thanks much,

sudha said...

Cool Archana

My sister in law bought me a parai from palakkad..She was suggesting a similar set up too...I guess the paddhi and para (nazhi)must be the same thing..

Divija Reddy said...

Really sweet! thnq for d post, archana!

Divija Reddy said...

Congrats on ur success, again! I forgot to leave a msg, so here I am :)

vineeta said...

Neat! I went read & commented. I love your work archana & what a terrible pity that I fell ill the very day I had to meet you :( my loss

Arch at Rang said...

vidhya- Answering your questions:-)

I always move plants around. They all need sunlight from time to time:-)
Most of my plants are succulents that take very long to they remain small:-)

For brass containers I give them a scrub every month with 'Pitambari' powder/Tamarind pulp.

Thanks everyone:-)