Monday, November 05, 2007

Diwali Ki Shubhkamnayen: 6.11.2007

This has to be one of those impromtu ideas, which just strikes you when you are doing something as simple as making Idlis for breakfast;-)
Serve traditional Indian sweets in one plate of an Idli mould, dry fruits in the other and light oil diyas in the mini-cocktail Idli mould:-)
You have a simple, instant Diwali Decoration ready!

(Images & ideas by Arch, feel free to get inspired and link to me but if you want to use my photographs for some other purpose please send me a mail)


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh!!! is it Happy Diwali? What do you say for it?
Arch, I love your photos...I love your ideas. You got me started floating flowers in bowls and now I can't stop...addicted!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Diwali your ideas are great, i've spent the lat month decorating my house but i'll use some of your ideas next year! One suggestion i've found with these small cotton wicks like the ones in the mini idli tray is that they tend to fall over alot (in the pic a few have begun to tip over) an easy solution for this is to put a bit of rice around the wick to help it stand up, this year i've coloured some rice for this purpose for an added festive look.

vineeta said...

This ones like those ideas that was right under your nose & u never thought of it :) love the diyas in the idli thattu :)

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Oh, you are having the best ideas!

Thanks so much for the inspiration!


Arch at Rang said...

Blue- Thanks:-) Yes, it's Diwali time here:-)

anonymous- Thanks for dropping by:-)
Glad you liked my ideas..Yes you are absolutely right the diyas kept falling over and I think that is a fantastic suggestion:-)

Will definitely try that and people please note the suggestion:-)
Thanks Anonymous...will be great to address you by a name:-)

vineeta- Yes, simple ideas:-) Thanks:-)

Arch at Rang said...

Melissa- Thanks a lot:-) I really appreciate it:-)

Bhavna said...

Oo...such a cute idea!! :-)

Anonymous said...

love the diyas in the mini idli plate...what an idea!!