Monday, February 05, 2007

Ecological Architecture.

Terracotta Walls, No paint, No conventional coverups, only muted earth tones.

This home designed by Chitra Vishwanath is an example of a 'building creating a positive impact on the land.'

Pic.No.1 The entrance to the house that blends with its lush green surroundings.

Pic No. 2 A circle of space in the terracotta wall of the back verandah. It frames the greenary beyond. ( how lovely!)

Pic No.3 The circular holes are used as shoe racks. (In India its customary to leave ones footwear outside the house)

Pic No. 4 Lot of open space and rough finishes with smooth ochre floor.

Pic No.5 An open Bedroom.

Very interesting. Earthy. Eco-friendly.

(Images from Better Interiors Magazine. February 2007 issue.)


Blue the Spa Girl said...

I am in awe...these are MY colours!!! I LOVE this look!!! You sure know style. I'll be back for sure...

vineeta said...

I have the magazine that featured this :) happy to see this here :)

Arch said...

This is from Better Interiors of my fav's...yes Chitra Vishwanath's Eco Architechture is her work.