Hello Hello Hello.

6 months of being away from Rang Decor!

Anyway, I thought I'd drop by and share few frames from how we have decorated our humble abode for the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi.

This year's decoration is a tribute to the Terracotta, the red clay from which the 'Diya' or the earth oil lamps are made in India.

It is also dedicated to the artisans who work with the earth. Examples of which you can see in our previous home in Bangalore.

I have tried to incorporate terracotta in all aspects of decorating.

The Kum-Kum (Vermilion) holder as the prayer room gets ready for Lakshmi Pooja this evening.

She is omnipresent! Isn't she? Floated some button Chrysanthemums in terracotta urlis.

Our trip to Turkey last November started with Cappadocia. Having seen the magical hot air balloons glide silently over a very unique landscape, put Cappadocia on our Turkey travel 'to-do' list.

We took a flight from Istanbul to Kayseri which is in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. Within an hours drive from Kayseri is Sultan Cave Suites in Goreme, Cappadocia.

Tea, Rumi & Ayurveda.

The three words close to my heart.

Connected me to Fehreen Ali.

Fehreen likes to call herself an Ayurvedic Teaologist. She is a Tea Formulater with a formal education in Ayurvedic Medicine.

'Ayurvedic ritual and plant medicine have been a part of my life since the beginning. Born and raised in Fiji, currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I was immersed in the world of Ayurveda through food, herbs, ancestral rituals and storytelling.

Over the Thanksgiving break here in the U.S. last November we visited Turkey.

Cappadocia in the Anatolia region and Istanbul or Constantinople were our destinations.

Each place incredible in it's own way. Each requiring a post to convey the natural as well as historic beauty of it's region but today I am doing a fun post about an interesting topic of Ornate Turkish Taps.

Yes, taps or faucets:-)

While shooting during our travel, I came across many intricately patterned taps.

Paper. Stationary. Handmade.

…and you have my total attention.

Kickstarting the brand New Year 2016 with a post about handmade paper products.

Craft Boat is a Jaipur based handmade paper making and paper company. They hand make paper reusing the cotton fabric waste from the garment industry.

They further use this eco-friendly tree-free cotton product to craft wrapping paper, stationary, gift boxes, notebooks and paper bags.

A glimpse into the handmade paper making process.

As the last few days of the year wind up leaving behind a single sheet on my flip desk calendar.

I try to slow down in an attempt to pause the scenes from this year that went by so quickly…

2015 served me a mixed platter.

I contemplated if I really needed to share my year here on Rang Decor.

Rang Decor is and will be my creative playground and you my dear readers have been with me through this creative journey.

A quaint boutique hôtel just walking distance from many of the historic sites in the old city of Istanbul.

A space filled with books, interesting pieces of furniture and loads of information of the Byzantine history of Istanbul.

A photo-essay.

The reception lounge.

The breakfast nook.

A cosy space for reading and surfing.

View from the rooftop.

Rang Decor Readers were introduced to the first of the {Seasonal Entertaining at home} posts few weeks back with how I usually put together a table for guests during Fall.

Continuing our Food & Entertaining Series with our Guest Blogger Manju Mahadevan.

Manju is the blogger behind Cooking Curries, a food blog dedicated to cooking from scratch, avoiding processed food, eating more organic, seasonal, local food and introducing and developing a more cleaner habit into everyday eating.

I am back with a new Creative Connections post!

My first interaction with Karthik Vaidyanathan was way back in 2009 when I received a mail from him about a query related to our Bangalore penthouse home. He was in the process of doing up his own new home in a traditional style.

Few weeks later he sent me photographs of his new home which was featured in Rang Decor Readers Creative Spaces and till date remains on of the most popular posts on the blog.


The mellow time of the year when we wind up all the frenetic activities of summer and move inwards, both physically and metaphorically.

A time to reflect on the tasks accomplished, to slow down and follow the rhythm of the season.

As the evenings become cooler and progressively darker. It's the time to gather around a table with family and friends and share the season's bounty.

Ayurveda: The System of traditional Hindu medicine recommends eating seasonally.