When Spring makes it's appearance in Minnesota.

We celebrate.

Celebration of the floral paths laid out by nature,

the mesmerising fragrance of Lilacs, the Lily of the Valley.

the profusion of colours in the form of honeysuckles, magnolias, forsythias.

We celebrate the earth that comes alive and turns up the saturation levels of colours a notch or two.

We also celebrate the newest member of our family

Cocoa Srinivas.

Our Beagle Pup.

He tiptoed into our lives like Spring and has made it bloom with love and joy.

Today seems to be the day when my 'to-do' list is negligible and I don't see any herculean tasks in the horizon that need my immediate attention.

So I put the kettle on and open the lid of my favourite new tea blend.

The aromatic infusion of citrus, cardamom, lemongrass refresh my senses to a state of immense happiness.

…and I sit down with my freshly brewed cup of tea to tell you all my lovely Rang Decor readers, the story of how 'A Cup of Chai…' A Tea Table book came into being.

Sounds like a line from a long forgotten fairy tale? Today Rang Decor brings to you one such narrative where dreams become reality when one decides to go that extra mile. Once Upon A Tea Time…a blog by Priya Iyer tells a story, a visual story of creative individuals, bohemian art and global design all painted against the backdrop of floral tea cups, pattern play of hand block print, Suzani textiles and of vibrant dreams. Priya Iyer is a research biologist and public health professional by training but she loves sharing her great love of global design and eclectic decor on her blog where the readers are invited to a virtual tea party with delightful imagery of decorative cups of tea and where creative conversations are initiated. Having grown up in Middle East and spent the last 18 years in the United States, she says that her style is more global, bordering on Bohemian-style and her love for block print patterns and textiles can't be denied. To commemorate 5 years of blogging in 2013, Priya decided to start a digital publication- A magazine. She even decided to try publishing it on a monthly basis.  She says, "With every issue I wanted to tell stories, introduce amazing people with boundless creativity and share them with my readers. For the whole of last year, we published on Issuu and our magazines were available for free." A glimpse into her studio… Here are some visuals of Once Upon A Tea Time... magazine evolving with each issue. Priya describes the Once Upon A Tea Time… magazine as a space where the readers can dive deeper into the stories behind a great product or read about the creative journeys undertaken by an artist. …all this over cups of tea. The Anniversary Issue…

Come away with me.

To a land filled with art from the forest of honey and visuals that conjure up Indian-ness with a touch of modernity.

Presenting to you Dvara.

A first of it's kind visual Indian fusion coffee table magazine.

A quarterly magazine, which aims to bridge the generational gap between the ancient art forms, culture and traditions from India and today's youth interested in fashion, cinema, music, colour and flare.

Dvara, means doorway.

It was one of the last weekends of late summer in Minnesota, when the heart yearned to spend every warm minute outdoors soaking up the beauty of the season. 

The Twin Cities which consist of Minneapolis and Saint Paul have distinct personalities. Saint Paul is influenced by early Irish, French & German Catholic heritage.

We decided to explore Summit Avenue which is the preserved heritage neighbourhood of Victorian mansions.

Serendipity it was!

One weekend we were walking around, exploring the streets of Lyndale Avenue in Richfield and next minute we were entering the door to a store with a giant hot pink lotus painted on the wall.

Walking into the store we were enveloped in the fragrance of floral incense and a welcoming smile by Kelly the hostess at Khazana.

As we got talking she mentioned that she followed Rang Decor on Facebook.

Serendipity it was!

The exterior view of Khazana.

With just a week left for Christmas, the festive mood is on the ascend. Yesterday's snow showers have got our hopes up for a white christmas.

Last two Christmas' we were away from home, travelling, visiting new places. 

This year we are enjoying the holidays at home here in Minnesota and hence I have had the time to put things together in our home that brings holiday cheer and festivity.

The delightful holiday season is in full swing here in Minnesota.

Twinkling lights outline homes, there are shiny angels and festive wreaths on doors, as you pass homes you catch a glimpse of the festive atmosphere with families sitting cosy near fireplaces and the bright christmas trees.

Weekends leading to Christmas are filled with holiday markets and events.

We decided to visit Winter Wonderland: A Nordic Christmas at American Swedish Institute and the

Julmarnad last weekend.

A guessing game ensued on my facebook page after I posted the photograph of this hot pink package that came from India last fall.

Now for the story…

Do Rang Decor readers remember the 'A tea party for three...' post about the creative get-together with the super-talented artists Aarohi Singh & Priya Sebastian before I left Bangalore in 2012.

Aarohi Singh gifted me her signature tea kettle with my favourite Frangipani flowers and Chai painted on it.

In India, weeks leading to Diwali: The festival of Lights I would spend looking for interesting diyas ( earthen or ceramic oil lamps) flooding the local markets.

Back here in Minnesota what do I do?

I visit estate sales. 

They are treasure trove for people like me who are on the look out for unique finds.

I love combining vintage with the new. Styling classic with a bit of kitsch.