Rang Decor Readers were introduced to the first of the {Seasonal Entertaining at home} posts few weeks back with how I usually put together a table for guests during Fall.

Continuing our Food & Entertaining Series with our Guest Blogger Manju Mahadevan.

Manju is the blogger behind Cooking Curries, a food blog dedicated to cooking from scratch, avoiding processed food, eating more organic, seasonal, local food and introducing and developing a more cleaner habit into everyday eating.

A food philosophy that I believe in, so I knew she would be the perfect fit to Guest Blog about Seasonal Entertaining for Rang Decor.

Manju loves experimenting with seasonal produce and giving it an Indian spin with a touch of spice.

I am back with a new Creative Connections post!

My first interaction with Karthik Vaidyanathan was way back in 2009 when I received a mail from him about a query related to our Bangalore penthouse home. He was in the process of doing up his own new home in a traditional style.

Few weeks later he sent me photographs of his new home which was featured in Rang Decor Readers Creative Spaces and till date remains on of the most popular posts on the blog.


The mellow time of the year when we wind up all the frenetic activities of summer and move inwards, both physically and metaphorically.

A time to reflect on the tasks accomplished, to slow down and follow the rhythm of the season.

As the evenings become cooler and progressively darker. It's the time to gather around a table with family and friends and share the season's bounty.

Ayurveda: The System of traditional Hindu medicine recommends eating seasonally.

A brand new feature under which you will be introduced to some of the most inspiring and talented Ceramists & Potters out there.

Today on the Potter's Wheel is Diana Fayt.

An artist whose work has been featured on the cover of Ceramics Monthly, The Journal of Australian Ceramics, American Craft, Sunset Magazine and many prestigious publications. She needs no introduction but let me make a humble attempt.

Diana is a painter, a sculptor, printmaker and a clayer.

Nirmala Mayur Patil is a kindred spirit.

A person I met through the algorithms of Instagram.

Rang Decor is full of colours but today it will be bathed in the serene whites of Nirmala's frames and words.

Birth of a new moon.

the new moon rises unseen

fleeting over treetops and the brooding hills of the west

it dusts the grey sky with its silver

and the evening with tender feelings.

It's officially fall and the season usually alternates between bright sunny crisp days and rainy grey days.

Today happens to be one of those grey rainy days.

Like I previously mentioned about Rang Decor taking a new direction with me sharing things close to my heart.

In today's world where an individual is trying to get a hundred and one things done, the physical body is stretched to it's maximum capacity and so is the mind that races to keep pace.

Overnight the Ash trees have turned a golden shade of yellow, there are Pumpkins of different shapes and sizes flooding the markets and it's also the first day of fall!

So let's kickstart the new chapter of Rang Decor with one creative powerhouse from Bangalore, India.

Pia Meenakshi.

Pia is a professional illustrator, designer, tattoo artist and the brain behind Studio Gumani. Her work is edgy, powerful yet has a magical innocence. Dark at times but highly inspired by nature's beauty.

On my walk today I could smell the freshly mowed lawn that is so typical summer and at the same time I saw the tips of the sumac and sugar maple starting to blush a deep shade of red.

A season in transition. 

As I leave behind memories of a beautiful summer and walk into one of my favourite seasons filled with crimson hues, warm spices, cozy blankets, sweaters & leaves...

The transient season of summer in Minnesota is coming to an end, there are signs of the upcoming season of fall all over my walking path.

The break from blogging was great.

My garden and backyard yielded some amazing varieties of flowers, bumper crop of mulberries and the tomatoes are still going strong.

Cocoa Srinivas has been keeping me physically active. He is a load of fun. He is goofy, affectionate, adorable and cuddly.

When Spring makes it's appearance in Minnesota.

We celebrate.

Celebration of the floral paths laid out by nature,

the mesmerising fragrance of Lilacs, the Lily of the Valley.

the profusion of colours in the form of honeysuckles, magnolias, forsythias.

We celebrate the earth that comes alive and turns up the saturation levels of colours a notch or two.

We also celebrate the newest member of our family

Cocoa Srinivas.

Our Beagle Pup.